Personal Injury Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are often life-changing events. Injuries run the gamut from broken extremities to paralyzation. Unfortunately, since motorcycle operation comes with an increased risk to operators, proving fault and cause of damage is challenging. If you got injured in a motorcycle crash, make sure you decide whether you want to sue early on. Bike collisions are time-sensitive issues, especially for lawsuits. If you intend to file a claim, do the following four things.

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Before you begin seeking compensation for your injuries, make sure you notify your insurer of the accident. The insurer will earmark the treatments you receive for your injuries so they can receive compensation for your coverage. If you fail to notify your insurer, you risk premium payment increases. Most insurance companies want to help you, but they also do not want clients that pose a higher risk.

  1. Understand the Statute of Limitations

Most states provide a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. However, some jurisdictions extend the time for filing in special circumstances. For example, the time clock does not start for minors until they turn 18, so a 15-year-old will have until they are 20 to file a claim. Unfortunately, the timeframe runs in reverse when the accident involves a government entity, meaning that you may only have a matter of months to file.

  1. Hire an Attorney

Motorcycle accidents are complex collisions, especially regarding attribution fault. An experienced attorney will know the intricacies in motorcycle law, and they will often use private investigators to uncover the truth about the accident. A law firm likely has access to resources you don’t, making it a vital asset when trying to seek compensation for your injuries.

  1. Don’t Put Anything Off

Time is of the essence in motorcycle collision cases. Quick decisions lead to faster inspections of the accident scene and speedier interviews with witnesses, which can lead to larger judgments or settlements. The fresher the scene and accident, the more reliable the information gathered. Therefore, don’t hesitate. Many victims believe they need to wait until after recovery to file, and that is not the case.

Motorcycle accidents differ from car crashes, and the level of injury is often greater. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Charlottesville, VA, as soon after the collision as possible to seek counsel on appropriate legal action. Regardless of if you sue or not, seeking information and legal support early on is crucial if you file a claim.



Thanks to MartinWren, P.C. for their insight into some things you should do after being injured in a motorcycle accident.