As a wage garnishment lawyer Memphis TN has turned to, I often remind my clients that debt is a self-perpetuating cycle. It feels like quicksand, impossible to free yourself from on your own. Wage garnishment, in particular, can be extremely difficult to get out of. I want to tell you how bankruptcy has the power to stop wage garnishment, which can severely impact your quality of life.

What is wage garnishment?

One of my clients had health problems that put her and the whole family into deep medical debt. She tried to pay it off, but fell so far behind that she had to rely heavily on credit cards and racked up significant debt. Now, credit card debt requires a court order to garnish wages. In her case, the creditors won a judgement against her in court and got an order granting permission to take from her paycheck.

But other creditors can garnish your wages without a court order. State and federal government offices can garnish wages for back taxes and usually don’t need an order. Federal student loan collectors and child support orders are two other examples.

Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment in its tracks.

Once wage garnishment has been issued, you have several options to stop it.

Pay the judgment immediately. Unfortunately, this option usually isn’t viable. Interest and attorney fees build up quickly, and if you’re in this situation to begin with, there’s a good chance you don’t have the money to pay it off.

File a motion to pay by installments over time. Again, at this point in the process, this option isn’t likely to be successful. Creditors are not legally required to set up installments, and they don’t have much incentive to cooperate and negotiate with you. If they keep taking money from your wages, they will receive regular payments, with court protection.

Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is unique in its power to stop wage garnishment completely. Backed by the power of federal law, it totally trumps the wage garnishment order. Wage garnishment will end the day your attorney files your case, and creditors will not be able to sue you for the debt later. It is truly in your best interest to protect yourself from losing this money.

Talk to a Wage Garnishment Lawyer Memphis TN Trusts

Bankruptcy will interrupt the cycle of debt and offer relief from even the most seemingly impossible situations. Wage garnishment can be devastating, so if you are at all behind on payments, it’s best to seek legal help sooner rather than later.

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