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Social Security Disability Appeals Process

Social Security Disability Appeals Process If You’ve Been Denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI): Read More

Free Bankruptcy Reports

Free Bankruptcy Reports Information to Help You Navigate the Bankruptcy Process Do you want to know what God thinks about debt? What does a Chapter 13 bankruptcy do for you? Can creditors harass you like they’re doing? We answer all of these questions and more in our FREE reports below. Download and check them out for yourself!…

Everything You Need to Know About Applying for SSDI

Everything You Need to Know About Applying for SSDI A free report from our Memphis SSDI lawyers Are you medically unable to work and believe you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance? Read More

Memphis car accident lawyer

Car Accident Checklist

Keep This Car Accident Checklist in Your Glove Compartment A car accident can leave you shocked, distracted and in physical pain. You can forget everything you know you’re supposed to do at the scene of the wreck. As a car accident injury attorney, I know this is a common problem. So I’ve created this car accident…

Auto Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

Car Accident Law 101

Learn everything you need to know about car accident law in Memphis. When you’ve been in a car accident, it’s natural to feel a little confused, guilty, or angry. You may wonder how to pay for the immediate damage and medical bills, or where to start when your own insurance won’t pay. Read More


The Power of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Power of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful weapon with great benefits for those who need it. I recently created a free book on the powers of Chapter 13 bankruptcy – which you can download here. But I didn’t want you to think Chapter 13 was the best route to go. …

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

The Power of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The Power of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A Chapter 13 bankruptcy has many advantages In fact, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy come with their own advantages. Read More

Credit & Bankruptcy Free Report

Credit & Bankruptcy Free Report

Answers to Your Questions About Credit and Bankruptcy  Credit and bankruptcy go hand in hand, and many of our clients worry how bankruptcy might affect their score.  Read More

Stopping a Foreclosure

Stopping a Foreclosure, Wage Garnishment, or Reposession

Stopping a Foreclosure, Repossession, or Wage Garnishment When you have debts you’re unable to pay on time, every time, the creditor (the person you owe the money to) can enforce collection of your debt, depending on the nature of it.  Read More

Life After Bankruptcy Report

Life After Bankruptcy Report

Are you concerned about what life might look like after you file for bankruptcy? What will you lose? Who has to know? Will it destroy your credit? Could it hurt your job prospects? Read More

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Things to Know Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

Things to Know Before Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney We get calls all the time from people who are desperate for help after using another bankruptcy attorney who pretended to be “cheap.” You need a bankruptcy attorney who’s honest about their prices and who you can trust. Read More

Bible Say About Debt?

What Does the Bible Say About Debt?

What does the Bible says about debt? To help you, and to understand my own work better, I’ve spent the last 30 years researching this question. Now I’m offering what I’ve learned in a free report. In What Does the Bible Say About Debt? I tackle questions like: Read More


Creditors Can’t Do That

How to Stop Creditor Harassment When you’re behind on bills, creditors can make your life miserable. They’ll contact you constantly, and sometimes they might cross the line. Fortunately, you can stop creditor harassment. Read More