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Hickory Hill Bankruptcy Services

The Hickory Hill area in Memphis has been hit hard in recent years. The recession brought business closures and job loss, and families felt the impact in their schools, homes, and wallets. Natural disasters and the City of Memphis’ financial struggles haven’t helped, either. Read More

Factors for Determining the Worth of a Car Accident Case

Memphis car accident attorney Darrell Castle explains how lawyers and insurance companies determine the worth of your car accident case and any potential settlement. Have questions about your case? Contact us today. Read More

Elderly Abuse: It Could Happen to Your Loved One

Studies have shown somewhere between one and two million cases of abuse happen to Americans age 65 and over every single year here in America. Let’s talk about it a little bit. Read More

5 Things to Know About Debt Restructuring

Every year, a large number of businesses and individuals head to the bankruptcy courts for protection. In the process, these business and people do a significant amount of damage to their creditworthiness. While bankruptcy should be considered a viable solution to major debt problems, it should be reserved as a last resort. Read More

food injury lawyer

Food Injury Lawyer: Labeling Errors and Allergic Reactions

Some food injuries can leave you in the hospital or even be fatal. Recent examples include cruise ship disease outbreaks, salmonella recalls, and more. If you’ve been injured by a restaurant or food service, you need a food injury lawyer with experience taking on the food industry. Read More

Debt from Medical Bills

In Debt from Medical Bills | Memphis Bankruptcy Attorney

If you have debt from medical bills Memphis bankruptcy attorney Darrell Castle can help. We help Memphis residents get out of debt, including from hospital bills. Read More

Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

While some may consider slips and falls slapstick humor, they can be very dangerous and have serious consequences to those who suffer them. Back and joint related injuries are common consequences of slips and falls that can have lasting effects on the injured person. Read More

Memphis Foreclosure Attorney for Seniors

Foreclosure can devastate anyone, but it brings especially difficult challenges for senior citizens. As a Memphis foreclosure attorney for seniors, I’ve helped thousands of people stop foreclosure at every stage of life. Read More

How Bankruptcy Helps

Bankruptcy scares a lot of people, but if you’re overwhelmed with debt, it can change your life. Bankruptcy has a lot to offer: it stops foreclosure and repossession, ends wage garnishment, and gets rid of debt. But maybe most importantly, it offers you real financial freedom. Here’s how bankruptcy helps, depending on your situation and which…

How Age Affects Disability Applications

How Age Affects Disability Applications Your age can be a factor when applying for Social Security Disability. According to the SSA, age alone won’t determine your success or failure. But it does hold a lot of sway. Here’s how age affects disability applications: Read More