Keep This Car Accident Checklist in Your Glove Compartment

A car accident can leave you shocked, distracted and in physical pain. You might forget everything you’re supposed to do at the scene of the wreck. As a car accident injury attorney, I know this is a common problem. So I’ve created this free car accident checklist to keep in your glove compartment.

Too often, clients come in to see me after a car accident and they don’t remember much about what happened. It makes perfect sense: in that situation, you’re totally overwhelmed and may even need medical attention.

But if you’re physically able, there’s a lot you can do to keep track of everything that happened. Doing a few things at the scene could make a huge difference when you go to your insurance company and try to explain what occurred.

And if your insurance company says it was the other driver’s fault and refuses to pay, you have all the records you need to prove your side of the story.

Car Accident LawyerThis simple list will help you keep track of everything:

  • What details to give the other driver
  • What NOT to say
  • How to gather additional evidence you may need
  • And more

In the worst moments of stress, this checklist can help you keep your cool. Plus it could end up saving you thousands of dollars with the insurance companies.

All you have to do is fill out the short form below to be sent to your free checklist. Then you can print it and keep it in your car.

(To make it easy to print and store your checklist, we’ve published it on one compact page in black-and-white.)

And if you have any questions about your car accident case, contact us today.

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