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Bankruptcy After a Long Hospital Stay

Getting Out of Debt from Hospital Bills We have people in our office all the time looking to file bankruptcy after a long hospital stay. It makes sense: unfortunately in the US, even a few days in the hospital can create decades’ worth of debt. Read More

Lessons from a Recent Memphis Slip and Fall Case

We recently handled a Memphis slip and fall case that teaches a lot of lessons about how the system works and what you can do if you’re ever injured in a slip and fall. Read More

Save Your Kids from a Drowsy Driving Accident

Over the years, Americans have spent millions of dollars advertising against drunk driving, especially for teens and young adults. And rightfully so. But as a car accident lawyer in Memphis, I’ve seen another major problem affect our kids’ safety on the road this whole time, and fewer people know about it: they’re at a much…

Wrong Medication Medical Malpractice

When a doctor prescribes us a medication, we take them at their word that it will not cause us further harm. However, the reality is that doctors make mistakes all the time. It is far too often that a medication will be improperly prescribed, and this can lead to disaster. If you have been harmed…

Using Debt Settlement to Stop a Wage Garnishment

The Temptation Toward Debt Settlement As a wage garnishment lawyer Memphis TN trusts to help stop wage garnishment, I know the temptation of using debt settlement companies. Wage garnishment can take 25% of your wages. What’s worse, it comes with high fees, so you can wind up paying it back for far more than you…

Why You Should Never Get an Online Cash Advance

Why You Should Never Get an Online Cash Advance As a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer, I’ve helped a lot of people who get in trouble with online loans and need online cash advance bankruptcy help. Whenever I talk with people considering these sorts of loans, I try to advise against them. Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About the Baby Powder Lawsuits

The $417 Million Verdict That Shook J&J Maybe you’ve seen the news of some massive verdicts related to Johnson & Johnson baby powder. A lot of people have been totally shocked by the $417 million verdict passed down last month. But as a baby powder lawsuit attorney Memphis TN trusts with their biggest injury cases, I’m…

Abused in an Assisted Living Home: Do I have a Claim? | Darrell Castle & Associates

Assisted living facilities provide a great option for elderly people who want to maintain their independence but can’t do certain tasks on their own anymore, such cooking or driving. Residents of assisted living facilities can enjoy many different activities, socialize with others and receive assistance whenever they need it. Read More

Common Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

When the wheels of a vehicle lose contact with the road surface, the vehicle can overturn onto its side or upside down. This is called a rollover accident. These types of accidents are more common among commercial trucks because they are so large and heavy. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes…

Back Injuries: Tips From a Top Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you need a slip and fall lawyer, it’s important to contact without delay. If you wait too long, you may miss the statute of limitations. In addition, as time passes it becomes more difficult to collect critical evidence for your claim or lawsuit. There are additional steps you should take for the sake of…