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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Memphis TN

Here’s What Payday Lenders Don’t Want You To Know

Let’s say you took out a payday loan to take care of rent, or your car note, and to generally hold you over until your next paycheck. For one reason or another, you defaulted on your scheduled payment. After an unsuccessful attempt to collect, the lender transferred your account to a third-party debt collector. Now…

Can You Guess How Many Parents Text While Driving?

No text message is important enough to compromise your safety. According to recent research, distracted driving causes as many as one in four traffic-related deaths and injuries. The Tennessee Department of Safety reported more than 5,000 accidents involving distracted drivers in 2013. (For comparison, there were 730 accidents involving drunk drivers in Shelby County.) Read…

A Bankruptcy Primer For Young People

Bankruptcy is for all ages. It’s never too early or too late for a fresh start. And with skyrocketing education debt, a tough job market, and rising housing markets, our Memphis bankruptcy lawyers are seeing more and more young people turn to bankruptcy. Read More

Drug-addicted Newborns Need Judgment-free Help

Drug-addicted newborns need judgment-free help to survive and thrive. As a lawyer Tennessee has trusted for over thirty years, I want to make sure you know about the most vulnerable victims of the opioidcrisis: newborns. It’s no secret that Tennessee is one of the hardest-hit states in America’s opioid epidemic. But, while the discussion tends…

Parking Lot Pedestrian Accident Highlights Safety Issue

Car Accident Lawyer A deadly accident in a Walmart parking lot has raised concerns about the safety of pedestrians in these lots, according to 12 WRDW News. Read More

What are the Five Essential Elements for a Case of Negligence

Car Accident Lawyer Your car accident attorney Indianapolis, IN trusts must prove each of the following five elements of negligence in order to recover compensation for your injuries: Read More

When a Loved One Perishes Due to Wrongful Death

Nursing Home Lawyer If your loved one has passed away and their perishing may have been influenced by another person or party, you may have the foundation for a wrongful death lawsuit. Unexpected incidents which led to the death of a loved one can be very painful for the surviving family to overcome. Many family…

Social Security Lawyer Memphis TN

3 Reasons Older Americans Are Filing for Bankruptcy

The face of bankruptcy filers is changing. Increasingly, older Americans are filing at high rates: a recent study found that the rate of Americans 65 and over who’ve turned to bankruptcy has tripled since 1991. Read More

Legal Help for Tennessee Infants Born Drug-dependent

Everyone should be talking about legal help for Tennessee infants born drug-dependent. By now, you have probably heard many devastating facts about the opioid crisis plaguing America, particularly our great state of Tennessee. But, while the focus of these conversations has been about the skyrocketing numbers of overdoses, I want to bring your attention to…

A Dose of Roundup For Breakfast?

Thousands of cancer patients have already sued the agricultural company Monsanto, whose weedkiller, Roundup, contains an ingredient the World Health Organization has deemed carcinogenic. As if that weren’t horrifying enough, we now have to worry about school-aged children ingesting glyphosate, the product’s harmful ingredient, for breakfast. Read More