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Will the FDA Make Medical Device Injury Even More Common?

When Do Patients Deserve a Warning? As a medical device injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, I’ve seen my share of underreporting. Huge pharmaceutical and medical device companies refuse to tell the FDA and their own customers when they realize their products have problems. In fact, in some cases we have internal memos showing they knew…

Does Health Insurance Cover Injuries from a Car Accident?

When it comes to health insurance, many people are under the assumption that every plan covers everything. One size doesn’t always fit all so you have to be careful regarding the kind of coverage you want and are getting when you sign up for health insurance. While most health insurance companies do offer you coverage…

What to do after an accident

It has happened. A car has clipped you on the interstate, and you are both sent spinning. The movies didn’t prepare you for just how scared you are. When the cars come to a stop, panic and confusion flood your mind and it is impossible to think. In these moments, so much can go wrong…

When Bikers Are Victims of Road Rage

Road rage is far more common than most people believe. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates that around 1/3 of all accidents are caused by aggressive driving behavior that could be categorized as road rage. Read More

Is It Worth It to Pay Your Wage Garnishment?

Should You Pay Your Wage Garnishment? I often have clients ask me if it’s worth it to pay your wage garnishment. In general, I’ve found wage garnishment costs a lot more than people realize. Read More

My Workers’ Comp Personal Injury Claim Was Denied. What Are My Options?

Suffering injury in the workplace is not reserved only for those who work in an environment with heavy equipment or machinery. Products can malfunction, accidents happen, and people are injured in even the most mundane office situations every day. This is why employers are usually required to carry workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. This…

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Comes First, and Why

Divorce and bankruptcy can both cause a lot of stress. Imagine experiencing both at the same time. While it can be quite overwhelming, you can get through it with the right help. If you hire legal assistance, you can receive proper guidance. Read More

Affordable Repossession Help in Memphis

If you’re looking for affordable repossession help in Memphis, you’ve come to the right place. As a bankruptcy lawyer Memphis TN trusts, I get it. Many of our clients come to us when they desperately need financial help. And as a result, it can be hard to pay for normal bankruptcy services. Read More

Preventing Bike Accidents in the Suburbs

Many cities have taken measures in recent years to improve bike safety. Chicago recently added some high-traffic trails to reduce risk to bicyclists and there are now vending stations to rent bikes throughout Chicago. Unfortunately, many suburban areas have not made bike safety a priority. Some of these areas have been designed to favor pedestrians…

Why You Should Know About Commercial Truck Black Boxes

Black boxes are commonly used in air crash investigations in order to gain data about exactly how the plane and pilot were performing in the time leading up to the crash. The majority of commercial trucks now come complete with this same type of black box, and just as in a plane crash, these truck…