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If you’ve been injured in an accident or your injury happened because of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

If you’ve been injured in an accident or your injury happened because of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Our Memphis personal injury lawyers can help. We work to recover funds for you and your family that can help you:

  • Pay your medical bills.
  • Cover your lost wages.
  • Return to your life before the accident.

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What Is Personal Injury Law?


What to Know if You’ve Been the Victim of a Car Accident 

Car accidents are disorienting. Even if you’ve been involved in a relatively minor collision, you may feel dazed in the wake of your crash. Understandably, when you’re feeling dazed, you may not know what to do and who to speak to about your legal options. It’s important to understand that if you’ve been injured and/or suffered property damage, you may have a number of legal options available to you, even if you were partially at-fault for the accident. Please connect with the Memphis personal injury lawyers at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC today to explore these legal options. Don’t delay, as your options could easily become compromised over time. The sooner our team can collect evidence and evaluate your accident, the better. Even if you’re standing by the side of the road waiting for law enforcement to file an accident report, don’t hesitate to call. We can help preserve evidence at the scene of the collision if you call now. 

Are there specific types of car accidents that I can file compensation for?

If you ultimately choose to file a personal injury claim, your Memphis personal injury lawyers will generally need to prove that someone or something other than you contributed to the harm you suffered in your accident. Most of the time, accident victims seek to hold other negligent drivers accountable for behaviors such as:

  • Drunk driving and/or driving while intoxicated
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving/road rage
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving a car with known automotive defects

However, you could also be in a position to hold a construction company liable for faulty road conditions, an auto manufacturer liable for a defective part, etc. Our Memphis personal injury lawyers will be able to tell you who/what you might consider holding accountable once we evaluate the circumstances of your accident. 

Is there anything I should do right after being in an accident?

If you can, move your car out of the line of traffic and to a safe space. If the car cannot move, put on your hazard signals and lights to make other cars aware of what is happening. Get out of your car to see if there are any injuries. Call for medical assistance, if necessary, then call the police and our firm so that you have guidance and support from this moment forward. 

Is there anything I shouldn’t do right after a car accident?

Don’t speak with anyone without first speaking with an attorney, if you can help it. Certainly, if a law enforcement officer asks you questions and your Memphis personal injury lawyers haven’t arrived yet, answer them – but don’t admit fault. Even if you’re “sure” you caused the accident, you don’t yet know all the factors that may have contributed to your situation and admitting fault can limit your legal options later. You will have insurance agents calling you, maybe even the other driver’s lawyer, but you should not speak with them until you can have a lawyer do so for you. Any recorded statements made without a lawyer can be detrimental to your case, so it is generally best to have a legal professional make statements on your behalf. 

What information do I need when filing my claim?

Bring as much evidence as possible when you go speak with our Memphis personal injury lawyers. Evidence may include pictures of the accident, a copy of the police report, contact and medical/auto insurance information from the other driver, your own insurance information and medical bills, and witness testimonies. The more evidence you have, the easier it will be to develop a legal claim in the wake of your accident. 

Steps You Can Take After A Personal Injury Accident 

The minutes right after an accident can be confusing and it can be hard to know exactly what to do right away, as a personal injury accident lawyer knows. How you act after an accident is important because it can affect the strength of your personal injury claim. If you do not take enough action or say the wrong thing to the police for example, it can hurt your claim because insurance companies will not hesitate to blame you for your actions so that they won’t have to give you as much money. As a lawyer at Darrell Castle & Associates can tell you, remember the following steps so that you can ensure your rights are protected and you can go through the claims process smoothly.

Get Medical Attention 

Too many accident victims fail to get medical attention right away following a personal injury accident. Without records that you have been injured and sought medical treatment after an accident, you do not have strong evidence to support your personal injury claim. A doctor’s notes backs up your claim by stating exactly what injuries that you have suffered from, your general medical condition, and treatments that you should receive to recover. 

Speak To Eyewitnesses 

As a trusted and experienced personal lawyer can tell you, witnesses are key in a personal injury accident. Always check to see if any witnesses are around because they can provide you crucial information that no one else can. They can support what you have seen or experienced as well. Reliable witnesses can greatly strengthen your case, so make sure to obtain the contact information of any witnesses and collect a detailed statement from them. 

Talk To Police 

You must talk to police and give an official, detailed account of the accident. Give them helpful information but make sure not to add extraneous, misleading or downright false information. You can face criminal charges for lying about a personal injury accident, after a couple days, you can call the police station and find out if you can obtain a copy of the police report. This report is important evidence, so remember to pick it up and give it to a lawyer so that they can evaluate it. 

Call Your Insurance Company 

Inform your insurance company that you were in an accident. They will explain to you about the next steps that you can take to move forward in the claims process. If you experience any issues with them, such as a dispute over your policy coverage or delays in your case, you can turn to a personal injury lawyer and they will be able to speak with them and resolve any issues. Talking with the insurance company can be a hassle, but experienced lawyers understand the best ways to communicate with them and overcome any hurdles that may come up. 

Getting a lawyer to assist you with an accident case can greatly boost your compensation. Consult a qualified and highly competent personal injury lawyer from Darrel Castle & Associates if you have been in an accident so that you can receive legal help right away. 

What Is Personal Injury Law?


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