Dog Attack Lawyer Memphis TN

When you’ve been injured by a dog, you need the dog attack lawyer Memphis TN knows and trusts with its cases. We’ve helped hundreds of people in the Memphis area get the compensation they need and deserve after such a violent act.

Dog attack cases can be very complicated, both legally and emotionally. They require a strong understanding of local and state regulations on pet ownership. And your lawyer has to know what makes someone liable when their dog attacks.

These cases require sensitivity and care. Many victims need ongoing therapy and medical attention for a long time after the event.

Our award-winning team gives your case the attention it deserves and fights for you every step of the way. You never have to feel alone as you face this difficult time.

How Our Memphis Dog Attack Lawyers Work: An Example

As a dog attack lawyer Memphis TN has trusted for years, we’ve been instrumental in creating a more just system for dealing with dangerous dogs. A few years ago, our firm had two cases in a row where the dog owners suffered no injuries. Their beloved pets, however, were torn apart by a pit bull.

In the first case, our client – an older woman who called her small dog Baby – was holding the dog in her arms. The pit bull tore Baby from her hands and killed the dog right there in front of her. In the second case, the pit bull managed to climb over or dig under a fence to get into a family’s backyard so he could rip their small dog apart.

At the time, the laws in place meant we could get nothing for these families except the value of the dogs. But the owners were so distraught and the attacks so vicious that we contacted the TV media. They ran stories on the news about these cases. And soon after, the Memphis City Council passed a new ordinance that allows higher compensation for this type of loss, plus consequences for the attack dog’s owner.

We mean it when we say we’ll fight for the compensation you deserve.

Contact the Dog Attack Lawyer Memphis TN Trusts

Dog attacks are already so stressful. You need to focus on getting better, and that means getting compensation to treat your injuries and deal with the pain. You don’t have to go through this alone.

We fight hard for Memphis dog attack victims, because we care deeply about our clients and the health of our city. We know Memphis communities want to live free of vicious animals. You want your children to play outside and walk home from school in safety. And you want to know your well-behaved dog can go outside without threats from next door.

Our firm fights your case with passion and integrity, and we don’t get paid anything unless you win. So you have nothing to lose by working with our award-winning firm.

If you’re injured in a dog attack, contact us online or call us at 901-327-1212. You can speak with a top dog attack lawyer Memphis TN respects today, at no charge.

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