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Brain Injury Lawyer Memphis TNSuffering a traumatic brain injury can impact the rest of your life. If you are a victim of a TBI, you deserve to have your rights protected and to bring any legally negligent parties involved in causing your suffering to justice. Understandably, you may not know where to start. That is where the assistance of an experienced Memphis, Tennessee brain injury lawyer comes in. Please consider reviewing the following introductory information and then giving Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC a call. We can schedule a risk-free consultation with you in which you can get answers to any questions you may have about representation and your legal situation. 

What Exactly Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Simply put, it is an injury to your brain that is caused by trauma of some sort. This can happen one of two ways; through non-penetrative trauma such as falling or hitting your head, or penetrative trauma when something pierces your skull. If the injury disrupts your natural brain function, then it is considered a TBI.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of a TBI?

While symptoms do differ based on each person, some common TBI symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Slurring of speech
  • Hearing loss
  • Insomnia 
  • Problems concentrating
  • Trouble finding your balance
  • Confusion and feelings of being disoriented
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Sensitivity to light and sound

Are There Any Long-Term Effects of a TBI?

Yes – most victims of TBI can suffer any of the symptoms above for some time after the TBI occurs. Some TBI patients are permanently symptomatic, while others experience symptoms for a matter of days, weeks, months or years before reaching an asymptomatic state. The costs associated with recovering from a TBI are notoriously high. Working with an experienced Memphis, TN brain injury lawyer to recover compensation from responsible parties can help to ensure these medical costs are manageable over time. 

You should always consider contacting a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, because a brain injury can seriously change a life. The brain is fragile, and while some brain injuries can be recoverable, some result in lifelong damage and irreparable harm. Aside from the initial accident, the survivors of brain injury may find themselves facing an uphill battle just to get back to a new normal – a new normal they may never fully get used to. A brain injury means serious medical procedures, rehabilitation, and bills – but above all, it means potentially needing to relearn how to live life, and possibly being changed forever.

A brain injury can result in permanent changes to a person’s temperament. They may experience mood swings, or just not seem like the person they were before their accident. Others who have experienced traumatic brain injuries may have difficulty with movement and coordination, potentially needing to relearn how to perform even the most basic tasks. Some also experience the tragic loss of precious memories. A brain injury is life-altering, even if it’s recoverable. But no matter the nature of your brain injury, it’s important to know that you’re not alone: At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’re ready to help.

If you’ve experienced any kind of brain injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Any kind of injury is difficult to manage: fighting with insurance, paying off medical bills, and coping with the financial impact of lost wages. However, by reaching out to a qualified brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, you give yourself a chance at getting your life back. If you’ve experienced a brain injury, you shouldn’t be focused on paying bills, and worrying about whether you’ll be able to stay afloat financially. You should be focused on working towards a better future – and that’s what we’re committed to providing for our clients.

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injuries

A traumatic brain injury occurs when a person suffers a blow to the head or an object penetrates the skull. According to the CDC, each year in the U.S., 1.7 million people will experience a TBI. This amounts to an average of 275,000 hospitalizations, 52,000 deaths, and over $60 billion in financial losses. Approximately 75% of traumatic brain injuries are mild and include concussions. However, up to one third of injury related deaths in the U.S. are the result of a traumatic brain injury. Common causes of TBI related injuries that may require legal help from the best brain injury lawyer in Memphis TN include: 

  • Slip and falls/ trips and falls
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Sports and recreational accidents
  • Workplace accidents 
  • Defective products
  • Struck by an object
  • Assault

How a Brain Injury Lawyer Memphis, TN Trusts Can Help Your Family

For those who sustained a brain injury due to someone else’s actions, a brain injury lawyer Memphis TN victims count on can help them collect compensation from those responsible. If you were in a recent accident and need legal representation, you may want to consider consulting with a Memphis brain injury lawyer from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC. Our law firm can provide you with the same quality legal services that have benefited the public since we launched our practice in 1984.

Aggressive Representation

Our attorneys advocate aggressively on behalf of victims suffering from a brain injury. We also endeavor to recover maximum compensation for every one of our clients. A brain injury lawyer Memphis TN locals trust can pursue your legal options to recover your damages. This can make all the difference in allowing you to get the funds you need for treatment.

Below are some common symptoms that can be present with a brain injury. By consulting with a brain injury lawyer Memphis TN residents rely on from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC, you can rest easier knowing you’re in good hands.

What Kind of Claim can I Bring?

Depending on the cause of the injury, you can either file for a medical malpractice suit or a personal injury claim.

A medical malpractice claim is when you can prove that a medical professional — whether it is a doctor, nurse, hospital staff, or even pharmaceutical company — strayed from the standard of care expected from their level of education and experience. 

A personal injury suit is when you bring civil charges against someone who has injured you and subsequently caused the TBI. Examples of this include car accidents, slip and fall claims, or assault. A Memphis, TN brain injury lawyer can help with either kind of claim.

Compensation for Your Brain Injury

If a doctor diagnosed you with a brain injury, then a brain injury lawyer Memphis TN community members appreciate from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC may be able to help. The longer you wait to receive legal guidance, the more difficult it can be to prove your case and can delay receiving compensation. A fair settlement from the responsible party may afford you the ability to pursue the short and long-term treatment you need.

Free Case Review for Brain Injury Victims

Please contact our law offices to speak with a personal injury attorney at Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC to receive a free consultation. We understand how debilitating a brain injury may be for you as well as your family. Do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call us at 901-327-2100 to schedule a free case review with a brain injury lawyer Memphis TN families turn to for justice.

Common Symptoms from Brain Injuries

  • Amnesia
  • Difficulty speaking or understanding
  • Confusion
  • Challenges with concentration
  • Inability to form memories
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Excessive or displaced laughing and crying
  • Impulsive acts
  • Increased irritability
  • Repeating actions and/or language
  • Feeling of anxiety, lack of care, and/or lonely
  • Constantly dilated or uneven pupils
  • Nauseating and/or vomit
  • Mood changes
  • Extreme sensitivity to lights and/or sounds
  • Chronic headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Loss of ability to smell
  • Stiffness in bodily muscles
  • Tinnitus (ringing in ears)

If any of these symptoms apply to you, after receiving medical attention, consider seeking legal recourse. You may benefit from the professional counsel of a brain injury lawyer in Memphis TN from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC. During the initial consultation, for which you won’t be charged, a skilled attorney can review your case in depth with you. If the accident occurred as a result of medical malpractice, the negligence of another party, or under other circumstances then you may be eligible for financial compensation.

How Patients Struggling From a Brain Injury can Find Relief with Occupational Therapy

A brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN may also recommend occupational therapists if you are struggling from a brain injury. Occupational therapists (OT) work with a wide range of people, across many ages and environments. An OT can help a patient overcome the challenges they face daily in their personal and professional lives. In essence, an occupational therapist is someone who is like a professional problem solver. They evaluate a patient’s condition and provide solutions so they can live with as minimal interferences as possible. 

Those who have recently suffered a brain injury, may be able to overcome the condition through time, healing, and medical care. For others, an occupational therapist may need to help them cope and manage disabilities that are likely to be present long-term or permanently. 

Duty of Care

A duty of care is the legal obligation that requires one person to provide a reasonable level of care to other people in an effort to prevent harm. For this post, we will use the example of a brain injury caused by the negligent action of a physician. In this example, a doctor has a duty of care to you, the patient.

In the medical field, this duty is established by the medical community at large. The Memphis TN lawyers of Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC have the experience required to provide sufficient evidence that your doctor was negligent in their care of you. As a result, you suffered a brain injury.

Breach of Duty of Care

Once your brain injury lawyer establishes that a duty of care existed, he or she will then show there was a breach of that duty. In the scenario we are using, the doctor breached the duty of care by performing an operation on you that was outside the normal standard accepted in the medical community. Or your doctor didn’t warn you of all the side effects or dangers of the procedure. Whatever the reason, our attorneys work tirelessly for you.


Causation means that the act by the doctor must be directly related to the brain injury. So if your doctor used a device improperly or used a method not accepted by the medical community and your brain injury resulted from that, you can establish causation. Our attorneys have the experience you need to help you get on the path to recovery.


In order to recover compensation, you must be able to show that the negligent act by your doctor resulted in damages to you. This is done by showing that your brain injury has made it impossible for you to work, for you to work less, or for life to be impacted in negative ways. All of these require finances to be in place for you to live your life. And you should not be responsible for these expenses since you did nothing wrong.

Memphis Brain Injury Law Infographic

several things to be successful in your brain injury lawsuit

The Importance of Choosing the Right Brain Injury Lawyer

Tennessee victims of a TBI likely understand the importance of being treated by a medical professional who is well-versed in these complex injuries. Professionals from the medical community may include neurologists, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, and so forth. Similarly, these victims should retain advocacy from the best brain injury lawyer in Memphis TN, legal professionals who have had experience with representing survivors and their family members. The right lawyer should know about the potential medical, social, financial, and even legal challenges ahead, and be ready to help you understand what you might expect.

Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC, the best brain injury lawyer offered in Memphis TN have been helping survivors and their loved ones for over 30 years. We understand the devastating effects of a traumatic brain injury, and would like to listen to what happened to you during a free and confidential consultation. We offer our clients the flexibility to meet with them in the hospital or in their homes. If you would like, we may even be able to provide you with a consultation by phone or online. Time is of the essence as most likely the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim has begun. For a free consultation with the best brain injury lawyer available in Memphis TN call our law firm as soon as possible. 

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

A TBI may require emergency care, surgery, hospitalization, and extensive rehabilitation therapy. On average, a serious TBI will cost the victim $4.5 million and 5-10 years of medical care. The best brain injury lawyer Memphis TN victims turn to can determine what caused the injury, why, and who may be responsible. Our law firm may access medical, vocational, and financial experts to determine the actual cost of the injury. Guided by evidence of liability, and a comprehensive understanding of what may constitute an appropriate amount of money for your recovery, a brain injury lawyer in Memphis TN can seek a settlement or verdict that is fair and just. 

Memphis Brain Injury Law FAQs

Will Life Ever Be the Same as Before?

Depending on the outlook for the brain injury, some people may be able to return to life as normal as before, while others will have to adjust their lifestyle permanently. Patients may have to learn new ways of participating in the same activities they had been before, or find new things to do that provide them a sense of satisfaction. 

Recovering from a brain injury can be physically and emotionally difficult. While a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN may be able to help you legally, an OT can provide further support by talking with those around you such as close friends, family members, and coworkers about how to provide support to you. 

In What Ways Can an OT Help Me?

The primary goals of an occupational therapist is to help the patient learn new ways of doing things, using tools or materials to make tasks easier, and making adjustments to the environment when needed. A patient with a brain injury may need to decrease noise and sights that can cause distraction or agitation. 

Those with certain types of brain injuries can also develop anxiety and depression, which may necessitate psychological assistance. Decision making abilities may be impacted due to the brain injury, so an occupational therapist can create a system that helps the patient problem solve when it comes to the things that mean the most to them. Depending on exactly what the patient struggles with post brain injury, here are examples of ways an OT can help:

  • Help the patient create a daily schedule through written or electronic planners
  • Introduce a memory notepad for those who have difficulty with memory
  • Teach the patient how to cope with intense emotions and communicate effectively during disagreements
  • Re-arrange or organize home environment in such a way that the patient encounters less challenges
  • Education loved ones, friends, and employers about how they can support you

What Are Core Beliefs of an OT?

A person who is unable to do the things they want or need to have a happy life, may feel down and helpless. An OT understands that after a brain injury, a patient may have trouble taking care of themselves, participating in work, and enjoying leisure time. Occupational therapists commonly believe that the activities we perform provide us with a sense of who we are and whether we feel good about ourselves. The goal of an OT is to create an environment in which the patient can feel more independent and confident. Ask for a referral from a brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN today.

How Do Some People Receive Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries can happen to anyone and in a variety of different places. They could happen at the workplace, at a venue or entertainment center, schools, airports, malls, and more. They also can be the result of numerous different accidents. Some of these accidents include:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents – These accidents can happen on the premises of a property when certain areas aren’t marked correctly or dangerous spills aren’t cleaned up.
  • Car Accidents – A car accident that is severe in nature could lead to someone with a TBI or traumatic brain injury.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcycle accidents can quickly turn severe in nature depending upon the details of the motorcycle crash.
  • Product Defects – A product could be so defective that it leads to different injuries like burns, electrocution, broken bones, or even a brain injury.
  • Pedestrian or Bicycle Accidents – When a pedestrian or bicycle rider is struck by another vehicle, these injuries can be quite bad leading to numerous different injuries including brain injuries.
  • Domestic Violence – Domestic violence between people could see objects or firm movements of the body striking someone’s head leading to a brain injury,
  • And More

A brain injury lawyer can assist you if you have been injured and received a brain injury. These types of lawyers from our firm have the experience and skillset to get the results that you desire for your injury. 

What Compensation or Damages May I Be Eligible For?

Many people wonder if their case is worth anything and if it is eligible to receive any reimbursements or damages. The details of the case will be brought into question and reviewed and depending on how and where the injury took place, that will determine eligibility for compensation. For example, if the injury occurred at work then it may be possible to secure workers’ compensation for this particular injury. If the injury was due to someone else’s negligence then this will also strengthen the case to receive damages. Those actual damages range from having your medical bills and other things like therapies covered to reimbursement for lost income due to missed days at work. These are all things that your lawyer will be working diligently on to secure for you.

What are Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries?

As a top brain injury lawyer like one from Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC can tell you, a traumatic brain injury occurs when the brain hits the inside of the skull as a result of a blow to the head or a violent motion, such as a jolt or shake. Cells in the brain deteriorate and die, impairing brain function. The brain can be significantly damaged even after a minor impact.  Injuries can range from mild to severe, which can lead to permanent brain damage.

The types of brain injuries include:

Closed brain injury. A closed brain injury is when the brain is not pierced by an object and the skull is intact. It can occur when the head or body experiences a sudden jolt, causing the brain to move violently inside the skull. As a result, brain tissue becomes bruised and torn.
Penetrating brain injury. A penetrating brain injury occurs when an object goes through the skull and punctures the brain, such as a sharp foreign object like a knife.
What are the Consequences of a Brain Injury?

The long-term consequences of a traumatic brain injury can be devastating and life-changing. Many patients are not able to return to their normal life and live with some kind of mental or physical disability, and many are put out of work. They often require round-the-clock care and need assistance handling day to day activities.

Common long-term consequences that brain injury victims experience include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Epilepsy
  • Mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Impaired cognitive function
  • Reduced motor function
  • Sensory defects (loss of vision, hearing, etc.)
  • Communication issues

Because it can be so difficult to navigate life after a traumatic brain injury, talking to an attorney about the legal possibilities so that compensation can be recovered. 

A Skilled Brain Injury Attorney Can Get You Results

The experienced brain injury attorneys at Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC have helped clients just like you establish all of the above necessary elements to hold the negligent party liable. You should not be responsible for the medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering that you did not cause. Contact Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC today to speak with a skilled brain injury lawyer Memphis TN families recommend who can help you move forward and get on a path to recovery.

You may think reaching out to a brain injury lawyer is just one more step in an already complicated and painful recovery process. However, you should always consider getting in touch with an attorney who cares about your case. A brain injury lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve, and they can provide important information about your next steps. It’s a difficult and complicated process to pursue damages and a financial payout that will help you with your recovery, but a qualified brain injury lawyer can navigate you through your case with ease.

Not all injury lawyers are the same: Some are motivated by greed, and will only view you as another paycheck. Others only provide cookie-cutter solutions, offering the same plan they’ll give everyone else – even though every case is different. When you look for a brian injury lawyer, you need one that’s not just in it for the money, and one that is as committed to your future as you are. At Darrel Castle & Associates, we’re dedicated to every one of our clients, and we understand that you may feel completely overwhelmed. But we also understand that there’s a way forward: It all starts by contacting a qualified brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN, so reach out to us today.

What is the Role of a Lawyer?

A lawyer is capable of providing an array of legal services for brain injury victims. They can assess the circumstances of your case and determine the best strategies for pursuing the individual whose negligent actions directly caused your injury. Some of the main things a lawyer can help you include the following:

  • Conduct an investigation
  • Negotiate with insurance companies
  • Calculate your damages
  • Fight for your rightful settlement

Adapting to life with a traumatic brain injury is often complicated with emotional, physical and financial struggles, but a lawyer from a top law firm can offer legal support and relief. If you have suffered a brain injury because of a negligent individual, schedule a consultation with an experienced brain injury lawyer that Memphis, TN residents rely on to receive urgent help.

Do I Have to Contact a Lawyer as Soon as I’ve Been Diagnosed? 

Each state has their own statute of limitations when it comes to filing for a TBI lawsuit.  So in order to protect your rights and your legal options, you’ll want to speak with a Memphis, TN brain injury lawyer as soon as possible after receiving a medical diagnosis. 

What can I Win?

Again, this is all dependent on the situation surrounding your case, as it is very hard to predict what exactly can be won without knowing what has happened to you. However, typical TBI lawsuits result in compensation to cover any pain and suffering, medical and insurance bills, lost wages due to the accident, and even coverage to protect you in case you have lost your ability to work. A Memphis, TN brain injury lawyer can explain what kind of compensation you might expect under your specific circumstances.

Contact Legal Counsel For Assistance

An experienced brain injury lawyer in Memphis, TN from Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC can fill you in on all of the details of your case. We will fight for your case and come up with a strong strategy to get you the results that you desire. Nobody should have to go through extra suffering due to somebody else’s fault leading you to an injury. Contact us today.