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Memphis Product Liability Attorney

Though most of the time products work as they are intended to, consumers may occasionally purchase a product that has some sort of manufacturing or design flaw. Using defective products can be dangerous, and they can cause users to suffer serious injuries after using them. Those injured by the product have the right to sue the company or other liable parties. These products put people at risk. Companies can be held liable for any product they put out on the market. If they have prior knowledge about any defects, consumers who were injured can bring a product liability claim against them to seek compensation. If you have been injured by a defective product and would like to file a claim, seek a qualified product liability attorney who can provide you with urgent legal assistance. 

Cars, toys, appliances, and many other products can have manufacturing problems that cause the machine not to work properly. There may be an issue with its design, or an error made during assembly could have occurred. Whatever the issue, a defective product poses a hazard to unsuspecting consumers and can cause serious injuries. They can break, explode, or catch fire. 

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe to use. If a manufacturer knew about the defect or should have known about the defect, a lawsuit can be brought against them. In addition to the manufacturer, third parties such as sellers and distributors can also be held liable if they were involved and had a contributing role. 

There are many risks that come with using a product that is defective. Even when a defective product seems to be working as it should, it could suddenly malfunction. If you’re using a product when it malfunctions, it can injure you or your family and leave you with skyrocketing medical bills and lost wages. It can also lead to a lot more problems:

  • What happens when your car malfunctions and not only injures you, but leaves you without transportation to the doctor?
  • What happens when a badly made toy injures your child, and the manufacturer claims they aren’t responsible?
  • How do you recover compensation when you are forced to miss weeks of work?
  • How do you take on such massive companies when you’re just one person?

It’s unacceptable for manufacturers to cut costs by supplying unsafe products to the very customers who keep their companies running; but it’s also hard to fight such big companies all alone. With the assistance of a product liability lawyer, you can have peace of mind that you have someone to support you with your case. You do not have to go through the difficult claims process by yourself. A skilled and qualified lawyer can provide you  legal advice and consistent support.

Types of Product Defects

Many things can go wrong with a product. From the initial design conception to its instructions, if any part of a product is not up to established safety standards, it can lead to devastating consequences for the person who uses them. Some common product defects are:

  • Design Defects. A design issue can render a product dangerous or make it more likely to cause harm. Depending on the type of product, the risk of harm may be greater. For example, a lawnmower that has a faulty wire can suddenly catch fire and burn the person using it. 
  • Manufacturing Defects. A manufacturing defect is when the defect occurred when a product was being assembled. They are unintentional features of the final product, such as a crack or missing part. One common type of manufacturing defect is poor construction. 
  • Incomplete Instructions. When a product does not come with sufficient and detailed instructions, the consumer can suffer an injury. They may not have the information necessary to use the product safely as it was intended to be used. 
  • Lack of Warning Labels. A product is required by law to have legible warning labels regarding any hazards. The warning must be easy to read and understand by the consumer. 

Your Product Liability Case

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