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Social Security lawyer Memphis, TN

If you’re applying for SSDI, you need the Social Security lawyer Memphis, TN knows and trusts with their applications. At Darrell Castle & Associates, we help you through the whole disability process, from the application to the appeal. You can rest assured you have an attorney on your side who will fight for you and the benefits you need.

Whether you’re applying for the first time or appealing your claim, you want an attorney with experience, tenacity, and results that speak for themselves. You want to know your law firm will stand up for you and treat you with honesty and respect. For decades, we’ve offered our clients excellent service and dedicated legal help.

Understanding what type of Social Security disability benefits are available to you can really help you. A lot of people who are on Social Security disability benefits have a limited income, and will have to budget. Therefore knowing what is available to you can help you financially.

Supplemental security income or SSI and Social Security disability insurance otherwise known as SSDI are disability income benefits that are administered by the Social Security Administration otherwise known as the SSA. This is the same administration that provides Medicaid and Medicare health insurance to individuals that are eligible.

The application for SSI and SSDI is complicated and very difficult to navigate, about 37% of individuals that apply for these benefits are approved on the initial application and do not have to have appeals. For people who do require appeals on their SSI and SSDI applications these appeals can take up to two years if not longer.

For those who are homeless or returning to the community from institutions such as jail, prisons or hospitals accessing these programs are extremely challenging. Approval on initial application for people who are homeless and have no one to assist them was about 10 to 15%, for those who have mental illness, substance use issues, or co-concurring disorders that impair cognition the application process is even more difficult. For these people who have these issues that already make this application process more difficult, Social Security disability benefits and Social Security income are often something they are going to rely on and need despite having a hard time getting it.

So if you are struggling to get your supplemental security income or your Social Security disability benefits, you should reach out to a Social Security lawyer in Memphis, TN to see if they can help you. Everyone deserves to have access to these things, and if the cost of a lawyer scares you then you should know that most law firms will not take money up front, and sometimes these law firms are covered to do pro bono cases. This is not always the case and before you hire a Social Security lawyer in Memphis, you should make sure you understand whether you are owing anything or if it is fully covered.

It’s also good to note that you or someone you love may have the disability, and if somebody that you want has a disability and they are not able to apply for Social Security disability benefits, then you can help them. The Social Security Administration provides the proof that you are unable to work due to a medical condition, and this medical condition can be mental or physical. For the SSA to recognize the conditions as qualifying for disability must be expected to last for at least one year or result in your death.

Disabled persons or their families may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance, these effects once begun will continue as long as the person remains disabled. It may seem like a relatively simple process but it has been historically hard to apply for. This is on purpose, because so many people try to apply for SSDI when they do not qualify and the system responded by making it harder to apply and qualify. You have to be able to meet certain deadlines and complete official paperwork that is required, failing to do so is going to make your wait time go up higher. Often benefits for legitimate claims are going to be denied before they are approved.

What Is the Difference Between SSI and SSDI?

A Social Security lawyer in Memphis, TN can help you understand the detailed differences between a SSI and a SSDI. But in general, SSI (Social Security Income) is a program designed to provide financial assistance to disabled individuals based on limited income and resources. SSDI, on the other hand, is accessible to workers who have become disabled but have paid into their Social Security funds for a certain amount of years through their job.


SSI is distributed in monthly payments to people with low income and limited financial resources. Recipients of SSI monthly payments must be at least 65 years old, blind, or disabled.


SSDI pays benefits to people of any age unable to work due to a medical condition that will prevent you from working for at least one year. If the individual only has a partial disability or is expected to only be disabled in the short-term, they will not be eligible to receive benefits from their Social Security. 


There is also an additional type of Social Security benefit called the Disabled Widow Benefit, which is given to widows, widowers, or surviving divorced spouses whose marriage lasted 10 years or more and who have a disability. Recipients of DWB must be between ages 50 and 60 and the disability must have begun before or within seven years of the worker’s death.

How to Find Your Social Security Lawyer

Even though applying to these programs seems straightforward, that is not always the case. It’s best to hire a Social Security lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee to make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed when filling out those tedious forms. 

Follow these steps in order to find the best Social Security lawyer for you:

  • Determine if you’re eligible for Social Security.

Now that you know the differences between SSI, SSDI, and DWB, you should have a relatively good idea about whether you qualify for these programs. If you are eligible for a Social Security benefit program and are not receiving your benefits, the reason may be due to whether your medical condition qualifies as a disability under the Social Security Administration’s rules.

  • Research your lawyers.

Doing a simple Google search for a “Social Security lawyer” is a start and there are plenty of lawyer referral sites out on the internet. However, it’s very important to find good, ethical lawyers and the best way to do that is through word of mouth, in person, or through your social media circles. Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC has been practicing law for over 30 years and we show our clients the respect and commitment to our work that we would provide to our own families. 

  • Talk to someone in the office.

Oftentimes Social Security disability lawyers have a heavy caseload and spend a lot of time in court. You will very likely talk to a staff member  in the office before you speak to a lawyer. This is a great opportunity to ask some key initial questions that will help you in your search:

  • Do your lawyers have experience working with clients with [your medical condition]?
  • What percentage of your cases have your lawyers won where your client gained full benefits?
  • How long have your lawyers practiced Social Security disability law?
  • How long have you practiced Social Security disability law in this region?

Having an experienced Social Security lawyer in Memphis, TN can relieve your stress by helping you apply for these programs and receive the benefits you deserve. Contact our Social Security disability lawyers from Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC today.

Getting the Social Security Benefits You Deserve

Let us make one thing clear: Social Security is not an “entitlement.” It is a type of social insurance into which all workers pay through FICA taxes. Social Security benefits are earned. Despite this, people often encounter difficulty when they file for benefits. Fewer than 40 percent of applications are approved the first time. One thing that helps tremendously is to have a social security lawyer in Memphis TN on your side when applying for the benefits you have earned. This is especially important if you are homeless, recently released from prison, or struggling with mental health or addiction issues.

What Types of Social Security Benefits Are There?

Aside from the usual retirement income that all tax-paying citizens receive at age 65, there are three types of assistance available through the Social Security Administration. These are available to persons who are disabled and have limited income from other sources.

The most common is Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This is available to anyone who has a long-term disability (one year or longer) that prevents them from engaging in employment. A short-term or temporary disability does not qualify. Furthermore, SSDI candidates must demonstrate that they have accumulated a sufficient number of work credits or paid into the system for a minimum amount of time. A social security lawyer in Memphis TN can help determine your eligibility.

People 65 or older who suffer from a permanent disability (such as blindness) can qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if their income from other sources is low enough. There is also a third type of disability income available to people whose supporting spouses have died. Disabled Widow’s Income (DWI) is available to widows and widowers between age 50 and 60 who were married to their spouses for at least 10 years and whose disability began no less than seven years prior to their spouse’s passing.

How Do I Pay for Legal Services?

The good news for people with limited income who are fighting for benefits is that hiring a social security lawyer in Memphis TN costs nothing up front or out of pocket. Understanding that such clients have limited means, social security lawyers take cases on a contingency basis. This means their fee is deducted from the benefits they can get for their clients; if they are unable to secure benefits for them, the attorney gets nothing. The percentage varies but generally works out to about six months’ worth of benefit payments.

Apply for Disability in Memphis

A Social Security lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, can help you guard your future and achieve an important degree of independence, even if you’ve experienced a life-changing accident. While learning to live with a disability is a major challenge, it doesn’t mean you should be put in an impossible financial situation – even though it may feel that way. Whatever the cause for your disability, you should always remember that there is a way forward, and a Social Security lawyer can help.

There are millions of Americans with disabilities, and each person who battles their disability encounters different hurdles and difficulties. If your disability was due to a serious accident or injury, it can mean your own set of hurdles and difficulties to live through. You could be facing a lengthy recovery process (if you’re able to recover at all) – this process is oftentimes frustrating, and always expensive. Medical bills can quickly overwhelm people recovering from an injury, and they are even more overwhelming when it comes to lifelong disabilities and traumatic injuries.

The Future After Disability

Of course, once you’re out of the hospital, you’re not out of the woods just yet. A disability means relearning how to live your life. This is yet another challenging and expensive process, and depending on the severity of your disability, you may not fully learn to live with your disability for years and years. Your life-changing injury may warrant physical therapy, and starting your life all over again from square one. You may even require live-in help, and all the while you may be struggling and stressing over how you’ll be able to afford all of the additional care and recovery.

The future may seem frighteningly uncertain, but a Social Security lawyer in Memphis, TN, can help you move forward again. If you’ve experienced a serious accident, and are left picking up the pieces and learning how to live with a disability, you may have a few looming questions: How will I pay for my living expenses? How will I take care of myself? Will I be able to work again? This is why it’s so important to apply for disability, and why a Social Security lawyer can help. You can take charge of your future again with much-needed funds from disability, and at Darrell Castle & Associates, we’re ready to provide all the information you need.

When you apply for disability, you may be tempted to submit materials all on your own. Generally, this leads to a denial of the application. In fact, the vast majority of applications get denied.

The main reasons for unsuccessful SSDI applications include:

  • Insufficient medical records: When you apply for disability, it’s important to provide a complete medical record to ensure you get the compensation you need. You’ll need to have a detailed medical history to collect disability.
  • Wrong or incomplete personal information: As with your medical record, it’s important to also provide correct and complete personal information. This ensures your payments are sent to the right recipient, and also ensures they’re the right amount.
  • Lack of doctor testimony and other evidence: If you’re applying for disability, you have to prove that you’re disabled. It seems obvious, but it’s more difficult than you’d think: You need to have a doctor’s testimony to prove that you have a disability, and that you need funds to help you move on with your life.
  • No proof you qualify (like work history or other important info): You have to prove you qualify in order to collect Social Security. Contacting a Social Security lawyer in Memphis, TN, is the best way to ensure all of your necessary documents are in order.

There’s no reason for some of the above to happen, especially when an attorney can make sure your application has all the information it needs. With a qualified Social Security lawyer Memphis TN relies on, your application has a much higher chance of success. Learn about Social Security Disability Benefits.

Appeal Your Disability Claim

The SSA denies disability claims all the time, so if they deny your claim, you certainly aren’t alone. Our firm helps appeal your claim so you have a second chance. We make sure your application has all the additional evidence and information you might need to make your appeal a success.

In the appeals process, your attorney should look for every possible hole or missing piece. You need someone with attention to detail who will go the extra mile for your case.

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be a little tricky, so it’s likely in your best interest to work with a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN residents trust. Here are a few reasons why you may want to hire a Social Security lawyer:

The majority of SSD applications are denied.

Unfortunately, the SSA rejects most disability applications for one reason or another. A qualified Social Security lawyer in Memphis TN may help improve your chances of getting your application approved by ensuring it’s accurate and complete.

When you have a Social Security lawyer, you have a team.

By hiring a Social Security lawyer Memphis, Tennessee clients respect, you won’t have to go it alone. You’ll have a powerful attorney on your side, along with the support of their other attorneys and paralegals. At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’re here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We make every effort to be consistently available to you when you need us most. And we’re a great team to back you up every step of the way.

A Social Security lawyer works on a contingency basis.

Our Social Security lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if your claim gets approved. If your claim gets denied, you don’t owe your attorney anything.

Your claim may get approved faster.

An experienced Memphis Social Security lawyer knows what it takes to craft a strong case and may increase your chances of getting your claim approved sooner.

Working with a Social Security lawyer helps prepare you for questions.

To receive Social Security benefits, you often have to attend a hearing in court and answer several questions from the judge. By working with a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN residents depend on, you can walk through the questions you may be asked so that you’re sufficiently prepared.

A Social Security lawyer may help you reapply.

A Social Security lawyer Memphis TN clients rely on can help you reapply for Social Security benefits if your initial application was denied. They can review your initial application to determine why you were denied and then help you make the necessary improvements.

Questions to Ask a Social Security Lawyer

To improve your chances of receiving Social Security benefits, it’s important to hire a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN has turned to for their knowledge and experience. During your first consultation with a Social Security lawyer, consider asking the following questions:

  • How many years of experience do you have in disability law? The field of disability law is quite complex, so it may be in your best interest to hire a lawyer who has at least several years of experience in the field. Darrell Castle & Associates can provide you with a skilled Social Security lawyer.
  • How often will we discuss my case before the hearing? It may take up to a year to receive a hearing in front of a judge, especially if your initial claim was denied. Your lawyer should update you periodically about your case during this time and answer all your questions and concerns.
  • What is your contingency fee? Most Social Security lawyers don’t charge fees upfront. Instead they take a percentage of your benefits if you win. That percentage is limited by law. Make sure to find out your Social Security lawyer’s contingency fee at the initial consultation.

How Does Disability Affect Your Finances?

If you have become disabled, you may be able to obtain disability insurance through your work or on your own. But these benefits may run out pretty fast. That’s why so many disabled people turn to Social Security disability insurance, as a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN clients depend on can confirm. This government program can help you keep your head above water for as long as you’re disabled.

Our firm knows and understands the financial struggles for people with disabilities. We offer bankruptcy and debt consultation to any client who needs it. And we can help you prevent foreclosure, repossession, and other problems that might come up while you wait for the benefits you need.

Who Is Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

As long as you’ve worked enough years at a job where you pay Social Security taxes, you may be able to receive disability insurance. However, if you haven’t worked long enough to qualify for SSDI, you may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This requires that your income is under a certain amount, you are disabled, and you have fewer than $2,000 in assets.

How Is Disability Determined?

As any Social Security lawyer in Memphis TN can confirm, the SSA looks at several factors to determine disability, including:

Whether or not you’re working

If you’re still currently working, a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN trusts can help you determine if you’re eligible for SSDI. It requires that your income stay under a certain monthly amount, and that amount can change year-to-year.

Severity of your condition

In order to be eligible for disability, your condition must be severe enough to interfere with your work. For example, if you are a forklift operator and your back injury prevents you from doing your job properly, a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN clients respect may help you get benefits. If you are still able to complete your work duties properly, you may not be eligible to receive these benefits.

The disabled conditions list

The SSA maintains a list of medical conditions considered severe enough to automatically qualify for disability. If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that’s not on the list, you may need help to determine whether you qualify.

Whether you can do the work you did previously

If your condition is severe but not as severe as the medical conditions on the list, you and a Social Security lawyer Memphis TN trusts will have to prove it prevents you from doing the work you did previously. If you’re still able to do your job properly, you may not qualify for benefits.

Whether you can do another type of work

Before deciding your eligibility for benefits, the SSA determines if you can do another type of work or not. If you have transferable skills and can adjust to another type of work, you may not qualify. A Memphis Social Security lawyer can help you figure out your options.

Client Satisfaction at Our Memphis Disability Firm

Our SSDI lawyers have helped hundreds of people get the disability benefits they desperately need. In the process, we also treat our clients with compassion and respect. We offer free resources about the disability process and what to expect in case of an appeal. We also come to you if your disability makes you unable to travel to our firm.

As a veteran, I have deep empathy for people who’ve experienced disabling injuries. And as a result, our clients know they’ll get award-winning service at a reasonable rate. My staff works tirelessly on your behalf, and our fees are limited by law. Plus we never get paid anything unless your case succeeds. So you can get great care at a very affordable price.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Request an Appeal

If your initial Social Security disability application has been rejected, it’s important to speak with a Memphis, TN Social Security lawyer about filing an appeal as soon as possible. The administration will only give you so much time to do so. In fact, if you don’t submit an appeal within 60 days of receiving the initial rejection letter, they will likely dismiss your appeal.

Write Your Appeals Letter

The next step is writing the actual appeals letter. In the Social Security forms for appealing a decision, you are only given a few lines to explain why you think their decision is wrong. However, you can always submit a letter along with the form so that you can explain yourself in further detail. If you believe anything in the rejection letter was incorrect, be sure to clearly state that in your letter. Your Memphis, TN Social Security lawyer can handle this step on your behalf, if you prefer.

Be Truthful

In your appeal letter, there’s no such thing as being too honest. You should be completely truthful about your condition and don’t leave any details out. If you, for example, exaggerate your condition and the administration finds out, your appeal will likely be denied.

Ask Your Doctor for a Supportive Statement

A supportive statement from your doctor can mean the difference between getting your appeal approved or rejected. The more medical evidence you have, the better. Ask your doctor to clearly explain how your condition prevents you from working and other everyday tasks it keeps you from completing. Your doctor mays also point out the amount of pain and discomfort you feel every day and whether or not your condition is expected to ever improve.

Hire a Lawyer

Appealing a Social Security disability application is no walk in the park. It can be incredibly complicated and give you quite a headache. That’s why it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced Memphis, Tennessee Social Security lawyer. The team at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC can help you fill out all the forms accurately and submit the appeal in a timely manner. If you are considering filing an appeal for Social Security disability, you should schedule a consultation with our office as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you. 

Contact a Social Security Lawyer Memphis, TN Knows and Trusts

If you need to apply for SSDI or appeal your claim, talk to an attorney at Darrell Castle and Associates, PLLC to get started. We offer a free consultation and don’t get paid anything unless you win. So you have no reason to wait and nothing to lose – except the opportunity to make your claim as strong as possible.

You can speak with a top Social Security lawyer Memphis TN trusts today. Contact us at 901-327-1212 to get started.

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