Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Tell Me If I Have A Strong Case? Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Tell Me If I Have A Strong Case?

If you have been injured in an accident and are wondering can a personal injury lawyer tell me if I have a strong case, then we recommend contacting Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC. It can be advantageous to hire a personal injury attorney eary on and if needed to represent you in court. Compared to plaintiffs who represent themselves, those who hire attorneys tend to receive 3.5 times greater settlements or awards. However, it is not always necessary or worthwhile to hire an attorney to represent you. Before you decide to hire a personal injury attorney, here are some important questions to ask yourself.

Who Caused Your Accident?

For you to be able to file a personal injury suit, your injuries have to have been caused by another party. There may be multiple parties who are responsible. Your injury could have been caused by an act of willful maliciousness or of gross negligence by the other party or parties. Sometimes the responsible party is an entity such as a corporation or a government body. Your legal options can vary in different situations such as these, but the point is that to have a personal injury case, you have to be able to hold someone else responsible for the damages you sustained.

How Serious Are Your Injuries?

As your personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN can explain, to file a personal injury case, you have to have serious injuries that have a lasting effect on your life or incur significant medical expenses. If the injuries are not that serious, there is no point in hiring an attorney and filing suit because the fees involved will be greater than any award you could receive. However, you should always have a medical evaluation to diagnose any injuries and determine their severity. Sometimes you feel fine immediately after the accident only to have symptoms of serious injury develop after several hours or even days. A medical evaluation is not only important to your lawsuit but to your overall health.

How Much Time Has Passed?

In a civil case such as a personal injury, you have a certain amount of time in which to file a lawsuit. This period is called the statute of limitations. It varies by state and by the type of case. For a personal injury case, it is usually at least a year. However, you should find out what the statute of limitations is because, with few exceptions, once it elapses, you no longer have the right to bring a lawsuit.

We can evaluate your case and inform you whether hiring an attorney would be to your advantage or whether you don’t stand to recover enough to make it worthwhile. Contact Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC to find out the answer to: can a personal injury lawyer tell me if I have a strong case?