Memphis Bankruptcy LawyersMemphis Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you struggle with debt you can’t pay, filing for bankruptcy can change your life. Bankruptcy has the power to:

– End wage garnishment

– Stop foreclosure and repossession

– Prevent creditors from harassing you at home and at work

– And finally give you peace of mind

With the right bankruptcy lawyer, you can also improve your credit score and get a totally fresh start.

I’ve helped thousands of people get out of debt, and so I know you may have a lot of questions. The decision to file bankruptcy can be difficult, but the process really doesn’t have to be.

Getting What You Pay For

I’ve noticed a trend in bankruptcy: many lawyers upcharge for basic care.

You may have to pay extra to get an answer from them by phone. Or you may find your price goes up in the middle of your case.

That’s not how we do business at Darrell Castle & Associates.

When you come in for a free consultation, you’ll find a friendly firm willing to answer all your questions. We stay in touch through your whole case. And once we’ve discussed your situation fully, you will know the price without having to worry about hidden fees.

The Right Bankruptcy Lawyer for Your Situation

The best bankruptcy attorneys know every case is different. They work with you early on to set you up for success.

As one of the very first bankruptcy firms in Memphis to concentrate in individual consumer bankruptcy, we’ve had a long time to build our excellent reputation.

Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys never leave you scrambling, unable to reach us. We never forget about your case, or let creditors keep harassing you. We work overtime when necessary to save your house and your car. And we love seeing our clients thank us and refer us to their loved ones and friends.

We offer a free credit course to help you improve your credit to an A rating, even after a bankruptcy. And we publish free reports and other resources to help answer your questions. We’ll even help you with life after bankruptcy.

That’s why we have a 5-star rating on Avvo, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and the Client Distinction Award from Martindale-Hubbell for client satisfaction.

Contact a Memphis Bankruptcy Lawyer Today

If any of that appeals to you, our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys provide a free consultation. No high pressure, no strings attached.

So come see what we’re all about. Contact us online or call (901) 327-2100 to get started today!

Life After Bankruptcy

Are you scared to file for bankruptcy because of what you’ve heard? What’s going to happen to you? Who has to know? How’s your credit going to look? Well you shouldn’t be, and this report talks about why.

How Can I Avoid Foreclosure? 

Foreclosure is the process by which homeowners lose ownership of their homes due to missed mortgage payments. This process can seem unjust and even brutal, depending on the circumstances. After all, doesn’t everyone make mistakes? Aren’t the vast majority of Americans one significant medical emergency away from falling significantly behind on their bills? While the answer to both of these questions is indeed “yes,” the reality of things is that banks are usually more concerned with strict adherence to the terms of mortgage contracts than they are with the understandable (and often unpreventable) struggles of everyday homeowners.

Thankfully, there are often ways that homeowners and their attorneys can work to avoid foreclosure. Depending on the circumstances associated with an individual homeowner’s financial situation, there may be any number of legal and financial tools available designed to help address challenges leading to a risk of foreclosure. It is worth noting that not all foreclosure avoidance tools may be available to every homeowner, so it is generally a good idea to speak with the Memphis bankruptcy lawyers at Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLC before committing to a specific plan of action.

Foreclosure Avoidance Tools and Strategies

One of the most important things homeowners can do to avoid foreclosure is to speak with Memphis bankruptcy lawyers as soon as they believe they may be at risk for being foreclosed upon. The more proactive one is, the more legal and financial strategies that tend to remain available. Over time, one’s opportunities to mitigate foreclosure risk tend to narrow significantly. Opening mail and taking calls from one’s lender can be daunting when payments have been missed. But it is far better to remain engaged and seek assistance as early in the process as possible.

It is also important to understand that most Tennessee homeowners facing a significant foreclosure risk will need to closely examine their financial priorities and options. For some, bankruptcy may ultimately be helpful. For others, renegotiating other existing debts in order to free up mortgage payment money is an option. One’s financial situation must be viewed holistically and with an open mind when attempting to avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure Defense Guidance Is Available

If you have concerns about the foreclosure process or are already facing a foreclosure action, please consider connecting with Memphis bankruptcy lawyers experienced in this area of law. Depending on the unique circumstances of your situation, you may be able to work with our firm to successfully avoid foreclosure. 

Living in limbo due to the risk of losing your home is a uniquely stressful situation. Please understand that you do not have to grapple with the challenges of this reality alone. Consider scheduling a confidential consultation with Memphis bankruptcy lawyers today in order to receive informed and valuable legal guidance.

What Does the Bible Say About Debt?

I get this question almost every day! As a Christian bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, I’ve talked with hundreds of clients who are concerned about the Biblical view of debt.

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Creditors Can’t Do That

There are certain things that creditors can and can’t do, and they know it. But people don’t always do what they’re supposed to. This e-book tells you how to deal with creditor harassment.

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