Stopping a Foreclosure, Repossession, or Wage Garnishment

Stopping a Foreclosure, Repossession, or Wage Garnishment

Foreclosure, repossession, and wage garnishment are the three biggest reasons clients come to see us about bankruptcy.

Often, folks try to get by with a lot of debt until one of these three things happen. They assume something will change and they’ll be able to pay eventually.

Unfortunately, after a foreclosure, repossession, or wage garnishment, it can be even harder to make ends meet. Losing a home or car can make it harder to keep your job. And wage garnishment takes the little you make before you can use it to pay down the rest of your debts.

The trick is to stop these things BEFORE they happen. To help, I’ve written this free report.

In this report, I discuss how our firm helps to stop creditors from taking what matters to you. I answer some of our most frequently asked questions:

  • What if you have the money to pay your mortgage, but you’re just struggling with past debts on your house?
  • Is there a way to lower your car payment if you can’t pay it at this rate anymore?
  • Can your employer stop a wage garnishment?
  • How the legal process works if you want to stop all three of these threats 
  • and much more.

My goal is to help you feel empowered against these companies, so you don’t lose your home, car, or paycheck. You have options, and you have a right to use them.

You can download this free report by filling out and submitting the form on this page and then clicking on the download link. 

And if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy or if you have any questions, you can speak to one of our attorneys, free of charge, by calling us at (901) 327-2100.

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