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Have you been injured on someone else’s property because of their negligence? Even a slight slip can sometimes cause irreparable damage. Property owners know this, and they carry insurance for the possibility of something going wrong. An owner of a property is responsible for securing their property to keep visitors and anyone going through their premises safe. If you or a loved one have been hurt on someone else’s property because of their actions or inaction, you’re entitled to compensation for your losses. Speak to a slip and fall lawyer who can give you legal advice and help you file a claim if you have been injured while at someone else’s property. 

A premises liability claim can be filed against a property owner or property manager if their negligence led to an accident that resulted in injuries to a victim. An owner must maintain their property so that their visitors are safe from hazards and unauthorized individuals are not able to enter the premises. They are responsible for addressing all dangerous conditions on their property. 

Common Accident Scenarios in Premises Liability Cases

Situations that can lead to a premises liability case can vary widely. Premises liability cases can involve hazards that are not cleaned properly, maintenance issues, poor repairs, construction areas, lack of visible signs, negligent security, and weather conditions. They can also involve incidents where a property owner does not secure an area after disposing of the hazard and fails to put up a sign that is visible to anyone walking near it. The manager or owner must routinely inspect their premises for any hazards or bad conditions. Below are types of cases that a lawyer may handle:

  • A ladder was not put away and secured properly, causing a person to trip over it
  • A trespasser entered the premises because of broken gate and injured a visitor
  • The property owner failed to clean up spilled food properly, causing a person to slip and suffer an injury 
  • No visible sign was put in place after a hazard was cleared, leading to a person slipping on the wet floor
  • A property owner failed to repair a staircase rail which caused a person to fall
  • Products in a store were not stacked correctly and fell on a victim

Damages You May Be Entitled To 

A slip and fall lawyer will investigate your claim and determine what damages that you can claim. After suffering injuries from a premises liability case, you are likely to have medical expenses for your treatment or have not been able to work for a long period of time. A lawyer can help you determine what compensation that you deserve. That money can help you move on with your life. Damages that many victims of slip and fall accidents can claim include:

  • cover expensive medical bills
  • make up for lost wages
  • make up reduced earnings capacity
  • recover from the emotional and physical toll
  • cover your general pain and suffering
  • heal emotional anguish
  • make up for your loss of life enjoyment

Consult a Seasoned Lawyer

After sustaining injuries because of an accident caused by a negligent property owner or manager, you have a right to discuss your case with a lawyer. Don’t just turn anywhere to build a case. You should hire a dedicated and passionate lawyer who has the right skills and experience. They should have handled many types of premises liability cases. Working with the right lawyer with experience helping clients who have been in your similar situation is critical if you want to achieve the best possible results. 

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