You Can Improve Your Credit Score, Even After Bankruptcy

improve your credit score after bankruptcyA lot of people worry bankruptcy will destroy their credit. But you absolutely can improve your credit score after bankruptcy, and we help make it easy for you.

Bankruptcy is a great opportunity to clean your financial slate from debt and then re-establish and rebuild your credit the right way.

To help you do that, our firm has access to a great resource. The 7 Steps to 720 program helps you rebuild your credit to a 720 (an A rating), in one year. And that’s even after a bankruptcy.

This program, which we offer free for our clients, will teach you:

  • How to rebuild your credit the right way
  • Why most credit scores are wrong
  • Which credit cards actually hurt your credit score
  • How to stop lenders that report the wrong information
  • How to re-establish your credit after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale

We offer this program for free because we want your bankruptcy to be a success.

To find out more about this program, contact us online today to talk to an attorney or call us at (901) 327-2100.