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We’ve Practiced Bankruptcy and Personal Injury in Memphis for Over 40 Years

Darrell Castle graduated from law school at Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis) in 1979. After that, he worked for a large insurance company for several years.

In 1984, with a wife and month-old daughter, he used his work experience after law school as a basis for starting his own firm. Together with another attorney and friend, he selected a space on Walnut Grove because it was halfway between home and court.

The firm launched in March of 1984.

Getting Started in Bankruptcy

For the first 2-3 years, Darrell learned how to run a private law practice. He learned procedures for criminal, divorce, bankruptcy, wills and personal injury work. And in the process, he became familiar with the state, criminal and federal courts.

One day a woman came in who needed to do a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Darrell went to the bankruptcy court clerk’s office and was trained step by step in what to do. The clerk told him she wished all lawyers new to bankruptcy would do what he had done, which was admit that he needed training because he wanted to learn to do it the right way. And when Darrell got his first Chapter 13 client, he did the same thing.

New Motivation and Concentration in Bankruptcy

When Darrell got his first court date, he had no idea what to expect, so he went to the court hearings and observed for a while. He learned the local rules, the questions to be asked, and how to act in court.

The bankruptcy court was forgiving, and all the lawyers, trustees, and judges worked together to make the system work properly. Darrell loved the idea of helping people get a fresh start and was excited to see that the courts seemed to care about it, too.

Not long after that first court date, he decided to concentrate in bankruptcy.

Adding Personal Injury as a Main Area of Practice

By 2004, personal injury had become a strong second area of practice. It was always similar to bankruptcy for Darrell, because both help people start over from difficult situations.

Darrell also had clients dealing with disability. Helping them get social security disability insurance soon became another major focus.

Expanding the Memphis Bankruptcy & Personal Injury Law Firm

It was always a part of the vision God gave Darrell to build a firm that could employ and provide for more people than just himself. Darrell Castle and Associates now has a team of excellent lawyers and an amazing support staff that feels like family.

For Darrell, being a lawyer is a calling. He approaches clients as unique individuals and gives them the time they need to share their story. He uses as much humor as is appropriate, and he’s seen changed lives for the better.

If you’re struggling with debt you can’t pay, or if you need legal help with an injury or a disability, we hope you’ll contact us today.

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