With an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney, Filing for Bankruptcy Is Easy.

Filing for BankruptcyIf you have debts you just can’t pay, you may be considering bankruptcy. And if filing for bankruptcy seems scary, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys help put your mind at ease. We answer every question, take every case seriously, and make the process smooth for you.

The decision to file for bankruptcy isn’t always easy, but the process certainly can be. And it can make a huge impact on your life. We know, because we see it happen every day for our clients.

Making the Bankruptcy Process Better

With 30+ years experience of practicing bankruptcy law in Memphis, we’ve seen the best and worst of bankruptcy law. We know what makes the process work, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering it to you.

That means we make ourselves available to you. We answer your calls, take you seriously, and treat you like the individual person you are. Our clients know we have their back through the whole process.

You may be afraid to file for bankruptcy, but we try to show it’s nothing to be scared of. In fact, with the right attitude, you can come out of the bankruptcy process stronger financially than you went in. All it takes is some work and patience.

That’s why we offer all our clients a great program to help you improve your credit score to an A rating within one year, even after a bankruptcy. And we provide free resources about life after bankruptcy.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Filing for Bankruptcy

If you have questions or are considering bankruptcy, our Memphis bankruptcy attorneys would love to talk with you.

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How to Recover from Bankruptcy

For some, filing for bankruptcy is necessary to erase debt and get a financial fresh start. However, bankruptcy can hurt your credit score initially and make it difficult to get approved for loans. The good news is that you can take steps to improve your life. Here are some different ways to recover from bankruptcy.

  • Keep all of your bankruptcy paperwork. A mistake some people make after declaring bankruptcy is not saving all of their paperwork. If you apply for a mortgage or other loan in the future, you may be asked for copies of your bankruptcy files. Additionally, if a debt collector contacts you about a debt in your bankruptcy, you’ll have your paperwork nearby.
  • Create a budget. One of the most effective ways to avoid getting into debt again is to establish a budget. Begin by writing down your current expenses and deciding what you can realistically cut out. For example, you may want to cut some of your streaming subscriptions if you don’t watch them frequently enough. If you eat at restaurants frequently, you may want to think about cooking at home more often.
  • Build an emergency fund. It’s a wise move to start building an emergency fund as soon as possible after you finish your bankruptcy. If you lose your job or have an unexpected expense, you will be less likely to get into debt again. Even if you can only afford to contribute a small amount of money each month, any bit helps.
  • Rebuild your credit rating. It’s no secret that bankruptcy can make your credit rating take a hit. While this can be disheartening, it’s possible to rebuild your credit over time. Pay all of your bills on time and try to make more than the minimum payment on your credit card bills. If you can’t qualify for traditional credit right now, consider applying for a secured credit card. This credit card will require you to deposit your own money. If you make timely payments on your secured credit card, you may eventually qualify for traditional credit cards.
  • Check your credit reports regularly. Monitoring your credit reports after bankruptcy will help you make sure all of your information is accurate. For example, if discharged debt isn’t coming up on your credit reports, you should contact the credit reporting agency. Inaccurate information can lower your credit score.