Our Memphis Attorneys Are Pursuing a Lawsuit Against Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and More

As a Memphis social media lawyer, I am pursuing legal action against Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media companies for knowingly harming children.

In recent years, social media has gained control over our lives. It’s changed the way we do business, run our personal affairs, and communicate with our loved ones. Undoubtedly, it makes certain things more convenient.

However, this technology has also impacted our children in unimaginable and devastating ways.

If your child or teenager has experienced any of the following brought on by social media, you may be entitled to compensation:

Our Memphis social media lawyers can help.

Our Memphis Social Media Lawsuit: Who Is Impacted?

As we learn more about these powerful social media companies and their complicated algorithms, we’ve found serious problems with the way they treat children.

Firstly, the major companies appear to have made little effort to protect children from harm on their platforms. Data shows they knowingly introduce young people to dangerous content—from bullying to predators to impossible body image standards.

Furthermore, researchers, journalists, parents, and the companies’ own internal info shows it doesn’t stop there: When the companies became aware of this dangerous content impacting minors, they didn’t do anything about it.

That’s where our social media lawsuit comes in.

Are the Social Media Companies Really Responsible?

Internal documents and Congressional testimony support our claims. Former workers acknowledge the social media companies were well aware of what their apps did to children’s brains. However, rather than make the products less addictive for young people, they did nothing at best.

Specifically, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media giants:

  • Purposely designed addictive products.
  • Didn’t provide adequate protection for children to shield them from harmful and exploitative content.
  • Failed to verify the age and identity of minor users.
  • Allowed for a lack of parental control and monitoring.
  • Refused to provide protection so minor users wouldn’t be sexually abused and exploited on their sites.
  • Failed to warn parents about the level of dangerous and exploitative content their children encountered on the apps.

As a result, these apps have captivated our children and led many of them into extremely dark places.

A Case Example of How Social Media Causes Children Mental and Physical Harm

In one example out of Connecticut, an 11-year-old girl’s family sued social media companies Meta and Snap (makers of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat) after their child Selena took her own life.

According to court documents, Selena struggled for two years with an addiction to Instagram and Snapchat. Her relatives say she became aggressive and abusive when they took her phone away. She was hospitalized for emergency psychiatric care to combat depression and low self-esteem. She later died by suicide.

Many more children have fallen prey to predators and sexual exploitation over social media. Others have been targeted with dangerous weight loss content that encouraged eating disorders. And yet, even after all the data and complaints, the companies refused to change.

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Social media’s incredibly new and secretive technology confuses many well-meaning adults. So no matter how good a parent you are, you may not realize the dangers of this mass experiment being run on you and your kids until it’s too late.

If these apps have harmed your child, you need a Memphis social media lawyer who understands the big tech companies and what it takes to fight them.

For decades, our firm has taken on the largest companies in the world and won. We’ve pursued cases against opioid manufacturers, major chemical companies, and the world’s largest pharmaceutical brands. Our team know what makes a successful case, and we have the record to prove it.

If your child is 23 or younger and experienced suicidal thoughts or actions, self-harm, eating disorders, or any other injury as a result of social media, don’t wait to get started.

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Our children deserve so much better than this. Let our compassionate, respected team fight for you and all the precious kids out there who are still at risk.


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