Looking for a New Social Security Lawyer?social security lawyer Memphis TN

If at any point you are not satisfied with your Social Security lawyer, it is your right to be able to fire him or her at any point. However, before you decide to fire your lawyer, it is important to determine why you want to change lawyers and how this could affect you.

Why Fire Your Attorney?

A lot of frustration between clients and their Memphis TN Social Security lawyers stems from how long it takes for the Social Security Administration to make a decision about their claim. Their frustration is not lessened when attorneys are not replying to their emails or answering their phone calls quickly. However, usually an attorney has no effect on shortening the time it takes for the Social Security Administration to schedule a hearing or to process a claim.

In these types of instances, if a client were to fire their Social Security lawyer, they would end up having the same experiences with the next Social Security lawyer they were to hire. In order to properly prepare for how long these claims could potentially take, it is important to speak with your Social Security lawyer and ask what the normal wait times are in your state. You should start the process by having a realistic expectation for the length of the process from when you begin to when it ends.

Will It Cost More to Hire a Second Lawyer?

If you are debating on firing your Social Security lawyer in Memphis TN, you should really consider what point you are in the disability process. When you first decided to hire your Social Security lawyer, you most likely signed a fee agreement which allows for your lawyer to collect up to $6,000 or 25 percent of any disability payment you could receive. If you are almost to the point of you hearing date, your Social Security lawyer has probably spent a great deal of resources and time on your case and will more than likely not waive their right to receiving this fee.

If you still decide you want to hire a new attorney, both attorneys will file a fee petition which will outline any time spent working on your case in order for them to get paid. If the petition is granted, the court does not have to limit the fee to a maximum of 25 percent. Because of this, if you decide to hire a new Social Security lawyer in place of your current attorney, you could end up paying more money in fees than if you had just stayed with your current attorney.

Another important note to mention is that if you decide to fire your lawyer, you are then going to be responsible for any costs that the lawyer paid for out of pocket to prepare for your case.

What Should I Do If I’m Not Happy with My Social Security Lawyer?

If you are not happy with your current lawyer, you should talk to them and explain why you are unhappy. In a lot of situations, having an open conversation with them with lay out your concerns and avoid any risks, expenses, and the hassle of having to find a new social security lawyer during an already stressful time.

If you still feel you would like to retain a new lawyer, contact a social security lawyer Memphis TN clients recommend from the Law Firm of Darrell Castle & Associates PLLC today.