How Do You Know If You Need a Lawyer After Your Accident?

Do you need a car accident lawyer? What if your accident didn’t cause any injuries? In this video, Memphis car accident attorney Darrell Castle discusses when you need a car accident lawyer to help you with your case, and when you don’t.

Video Transcript:

Sometimes people asked me if they need a car accident lawyer. The answer is yes. If you just have a simple fender bender with no injuries, you don’t really need an attorney to handle that, unless some complication arises. But if you have an injury—especially a serious injury—you need an attorney.

Studies show time and again that people receive far higher compensation when they have an attorney than if they don’t. Plus you can rest assured that the attorney is going to earn his money and he is not going to charge you anything unless he does. He has to be successful before you incur any fee. And his fee would be a percentage of whatever you recover or whatever he recovers for you.

So if you have an accident and you’re injured, call me. I’d be glad to help. The conversation is free.