For those who are injured or who suffer from an illness, Social Security Disability benefits are vital to making ends meet and getting back on their feet.

If you have worked enough to get the necessary work credits and are medically unable to work, you qualify for SSDI benefits. Anyone who meets those criteria can apply — that’s the easy part. But not everyone can get their application accepted.

In fact, the vast majority don’t.

Don’t go it alone. Work with an experienced Memphis Social Security attorney to navigate this complicated process.

SSDI in general can be incredibly complicated, and the application process daunting. Every year, the vast majority of applications are not accepted. As a Memphis Social Security attorney, this is particularly upsetting for me to see, because I know these hard-working people have paid into the program all of their working lives as taxpayers.

In Tennessee, it’s especially difficult to get your application accepted. It’s one of the toughest states. While 67.9% of applications are denied nationally, 74.9% are disapproved in Tennessee. Our experience can help you get your application accepted on the very first pass.

We can help you file an appeal — but why not get the help you need from the very beginning?

Let’s say you try to apply for benefits and your application is denied. As a Memphis Social Security attorney, my advice is to file an appeal. In this stage, it’s absolutely essential to work with an attorney. You don’t want your appeal to be denied, and you only have 60 days to file it.

But really, why wait until the appeal process? Not only does this cost you time and money, you’ll have to wait longer to get the benefits you deserve.

Choose a Memphis Social Security attorney — but not just any.

When it comes to applying for SSDI, whom you work with matters. This is a complicated area of law, and our lawyers have gone above to ensure our clients receive their benefits.

Whether you’re applying or appealing a claim, I’m a Memphis Social Security attorney you can trust. There’s no fee unless I get you your benefits. I only collect a small percentage of past-due benefits, your monthly check will not be reduced, and you’ll receive it faster.

If you need help from a Memphis Social Security attorney, call (901) 327-2100 or contact us online.