By: Darrell Castle

If you’re denied Social Security Disability benefits, you can appeal the initial decision.

Up to 70% of initial claims are denied, so you shouldn’t be discouraged.

Your disability application could’ve been denied for many reasons, especially if you filled it out yourself. You may make too much money. The Social Security Administration may not consider you truly disabled. You forgot to send in necessary documentation. It could be anything. Just give it another shot!

You have 60 days to appeal the decision, so get on it ASAP. And since you probably don’t know why your application was denied, you need an attorney for the appeals process. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney will help you figure out why your claim was denied.

The costs for hiring an attorney to help you with this are minimal. Your attorney is only allowed to charge you 25% of your past payments owed to you – referred to as “back pay.” That 25% charge is not for payments moving forward, just the back pay. However, your attorney can charge no higher than $6,000. When you retain a long term disability lawyer Memphis, TN knows it can trust, your rights will be protected.

In other words, it’ll cost you very little to hire an attorney – the person who can make the difference between a successful disability appeal or an unsuccessful one. I always tell my clients, 75% of SOMETHING is better than 100% of NOTHING.

I go into more detail about the Social Security Disability process in my survival guide. You can download it for FREE from my website.

Contact an Attorney

If you’ve been denied SSDI:

  1. Appeal the decision.
  2. Hire an attorney to help you appeal the decision.

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