The Social Security Administration can’t get their computer system to work

By: Darrell Castle

Are you or someone you know facing a long delay in your Social Security Disability claim? Well, it may be because the Social Security Administration (SSA) can’t get its new computer system to work – the system it’s spent nearly $300 million to implement!

“The program has invested $288 million over six years, delivered limited functionality and faced schedule delays as well as increasing stakeholder concerns,” said a report by McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm.

Six years ago, the SSA was overwhelmed by the growing number of disability claims and wanted a better system. Now, they may be resetting the whole plan.

There are many different steps in the disability claims process, and this non-functioning computer system is putting a damper in each of them. This is money that many people NEED, and they’re having to wait…and then wait some more.

On average, it takes 100 days to process an initial request. Then, if you’re denied and wanting to appeal, the average processing time for a hearing before an administrative law judge is MORE than 400 days. The new system is supposed to help aid some of these delays, but it’s doing the opposite.

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Do you need Social Security Disability Insurance?

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