How Others Have Overturned SSDI Denials in the Appeals Process

Have you applied for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and been denied? You might feel like giving up after an SSDI denial, but fortunately, there’s still hope through the appeals process.

Many people just like you have successfully overturned their denials and secured their benefits on appeal. So let’s explore how they did it and how an SSDI lawyer can make all the difference.

Understanding the Importance of the Appeals Process

When your SSDI application gets denied, it’s not the end of the road. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an appeals process in place. In fact, a significant number of denials are overturned on appeal every year.

Once you receive a denial, you have 60 days to appeal. During that time, it’s critical you get an SSDI attorney to help you navigate the process.

We come alongside you and help determine what went wrong with your initial application. Then we gather whatever’s missing, strengthen your claim, and represent you at the appeals hearing in front of the judge.

Stories of SSDI Appeal Success

During the appeals process, you have the opportunity to tell your story as fully and completely as possible. This means a great second chance – and if done right, it can make all the difference.

workers comp lawyer MemphisProving Your Disability Impacts Your Work: John’s Story

Let’s look at one common cause of SSDI denial: proving your disability keeps you from earning an income. And to help see how the appeals process can help, we’ll give an example.

John was a construction worker who suffered a severe back injury that prevented him from working. His initial SSDI application was denied because the SSA claimed he could do his job or something similar.

Frustrated but determined, John contacted our SSDI lawyers. Together, we gathered detailed medical records and statements from his doctors that specifically described how his condition limited his daily activities. We also gathered work records to back up his claim. Then at the appeal hearing, we presented all this new evidence, and the judge decided in John’s favor, granting him his benefits.

Gathering More Medical Evidence: Maria’s Story

In addition, the SSA has said one of their biggest reasons for denial is a lack of sufficient medical records. This common problem comes up all the time during the appeals process.

For example, Maria, a school teacher, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her condition deteriorated quickly, but the SSA denied her initial claim due to “insufficient medical evidence.”

Maria teamed up with our SSDI lawyers, and we helped her collect exhaustive medical documentation and expert testimonies about her condition’s progression. On appeal, Maria won her case and started receiving her SSDI benefits.

When the SSA Makes a Dire Mistake: Frank’s Story

We recently had a client named Frank with terminal cancer, which typically results in immediate approval. Unfortunately, in this case, the SSA denied his claim. He came to our office quite ill and extremely frustrated by the decision, especially considering the severity of his situation.

This should have been an obvious cut-and-dry case; but upon further inspection, we realized the SSA denied Frank’s first application because he didn’t supply a full statement from his oncologist.

Once we understood what was missing, we immediately set up a hearing with an appeals judge. This shortened his wait time and prevented an even costlier delay.

personal injury lawyer Memphis, TNHow a Lawyer Helps After an SSDI Denial

Our award-winning SSDI lawyers bring decades of experience to your appeal, significantly increasing your chances of success.

We know the type of medical evidence and documentation that makes a difference. We help you gather all necessary records and expert opinions to build a strong case. Then we represent you at the hearing, presenting your case clearly and professionally, and making a strong argument on your behalf.

Throughout it all, we can explain the process in simple terms and help you avoid any more unnecessary delays or further denials.

And if you’re worried about the cost, rest assured we don’t get paid anything unless we win your case. And even then, it’s only a fraction of your past-due benefits. You keep every check moving forward.

Take the Next Step Towards Winning Your Appeal

Remember, an SSDI denial is not the final decision. With the right help and preparation, you can turn that decision around.

If you’ve been denied SSDI benefits, don’t wait. Contact our SSDI lawyers today and start preparing for your appeal. Together, we can work towards a successful outcome, just like the examples above.

You deserve to get the support you need. Let’s make it happen. Call us today at 901-327-2100 or contact us on our website 24/7.