Auto Accident Lawyer

Gathering evidence while at the scene of a vehicle accident, is probably more easy now than it has ever been before due cellphone cameras. A single picture can say so much more than you may be able to verbalize when filing a claim with your insurance company or when getting prepared for a lawsuit. You may want to consider keeping a disposable or inexpensive digital camera in your glove box at all times, to ensure you have backup just in case a car accident happens. One of the most important elements of your vehicle accident, is gathering evidence that shows you are innocent.

An attorney understands you may be stressed and in pain, worrying about how medical bills due to accident are going to get paid. They can offer guidance every step of the way, from your first consultation up to when the lawsuit verdict is finally determined. Your attorney can answer questions you may have about the legal process of seeking compensation for your injuries and other losses.

What to Photograph at the Accident Scene

Pictures of the accident scene can help you remember what happened, in addition to being useful for both your insurance agent and attorney. If witnesses are willing to provide a statement, you can record by taking a video from your phone or exchanging contact information to get their story at a later time. Depending on the severity of the accident, things may be too chaotic to get a full statement from a bystander.

If you were seriously hurt and cannot take photographs, have someone else do this for you. Tell him or here what types of photos you need and check the series to confirm nothing was left out or blurry. Take pictures of anything that is a factor in your car accident, including:

  • Street name signs
  • Both vehicle damage (old and new)
  • Witnesses
  • The other driver’s license and insurance card
  • The vehicle license plate number
  • Skid marks in the road
  • Broken glass
  • Visible injuries

The Investigation

Once a car accident claim has been submitted to an insurance agency, an investigation may happen soon after to determine who is likely responsible. An adjuster may reach out to you and witnesses to ask more questions. It is important that you know the adjuster is probably not on your side. He or she may be asking certain questions in hope of an answer that can minimize what your claim is worth, or get it denied entirely. We encourage you to talk to an attorney before you provide a statement to anyone, aside from your insurance company.

An attorney can help protect you against sneaky insurance adjusters, who do not have your best of interest in mind. Please contact a car accident lawyer St. Paul, MN trusts to assist you now.



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