medical treatment after car accident | memphis personal injury lawyerSeek medical treatment after a car accident

By: Darrell Castle

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s always important to seek medical treatment before doing anything else.

Sometimes after an accident, your pain can be obvious and there’s no way you can escape accepting medical treatment. However, often times the pain is minor and you think everything is okay.

If you feel any pain whatsoever, I urge you to seek medical treatment, even if it’s a day or two later.

This minor pain we sometimes feel after a car accident can turn into more chronic and nagging injuries if it’s not properly treated. Instead of living with that pain the rest of your life (or for a while at least) with the chance of it worsening, take care of it right-away.

This is pretty common with back injuries, in which typically back pain doesn’t occur until a day or two after an accident.

If the car accident wasn’t your fault and you’re thinking about speaking to an attorney, which you absolutely should do in that situation, it’s completely okay to wait to see the doctor. A delayed back injury would just be something that needs to be explained, and it could be as everyone is familiar with delayed onset injuries, pain and so forth.

As I mentioned, the next step after seeking medical treatment would be to speak to an experienced car accident attorney if the accident wasn’t your fault. This is important because if someone else was liable for the car accident, then they should be liable to pay for your medical bills, car damage, lost wages from time off of work, pain, suffering and more – not you.

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I also encourage you to download and print out our Car Accident Checklist. This is useful as we never know when a car accident will occur, and often times the initial shock and confusion of the wreck can hinder our ability to take care of the necessary to-dos at the scene of the accident. This checklist will help you with that.