If you are injured or facing an illness, Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) are vital to making ends meet and getting back on your feet. Anyone who has worked long enough to get the necessary work credits and is medically unable to work qualifies. But not everyone can get their application accepted.

That’s in part because SSDI can be an incredibly complicated process to navigate. Below, I’ve answered some common questions I’ve heard throughout my 30+ years as a Memphis SSDI application attorney to shed light on the process.

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How do you qualify for SSDI?

Disability insurance is part of the money you and your employer pay every time you get paid. Typically, it’s deducted from your paycheck as Social Security taxes. You have to earn enough income credits within a certain time period, and it has to be recently enough. The exact amount of time varies year to year.

Can I get SSDI for a less common medical problem?

Proving your disability — a requirement for receiving your benefits — is easier with more commonly-known conditions. The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses something called the Blue Book of Impairments to assess whether or not an ailment qualifies. The SSA considers the disabilities on this list severe enough to make someone eligible for disability.

Many are chronic and permanent, such as:

-Cerebral palsy
-Chronic heart failure
-Liver dysfunction
-Kidney failure
-And more

You can get your application accepted if you have a condition outside of the Blue Book. You have to prove that the impairment prevents you from working and demonstrate how, through testimony from doctors, complete medical records, and a well-prepared work history. An experienced Memphis SSDI application attorney can help you with all of this.

What are my options if my application is denied?

Every year, almost 70% of SSDI applications are denied during the initial stage of the process. If yours is denied, you must appeal the SSA’s decision to have any chance of receiving benefits in the future. Unfortunately, this process is no simpler than initial application process. It is in your best interest to work with an experienced lawyer who knows the system. Remember, there are strict rules in place that keep legal fees minimal.

Get help from a Memphis SSDI application attorney.

When it comes to applying for SSDI, the lawyer you work with matters. This is a complicated area of law, and our attorneys have a proven track record. We go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive their benefits.

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