By: Darrell Castle

A dog’s owner is always responsible for injuries suffered by that dog.

Dog owners have the responsibility of keeping their dogs on a leash and preventing them from harming others. That means, if the dog has a history of aggression, then a good dog owner will keep that dog away from people and children.

However, not every dog owner is a good dog owner – some are flat out negligent. Some dog owners never have their dog on a leash. Some dog owners don’t maintain their fences, allowing their dogs to roam free throughout the neighborhood. And sadly, some dog owners train their dogs to be aggressive and fight.

It’s getting more common to see stray dogs roaming around the neighborhood on your run or while you’re walking your dog. Some are completely harmless, but it’s not safe to assume that as some ARE dangerous.

Here’s a good source on what to do in a dog attack. I hope you don’t find yourself in one, but if you’re confronted by a dangerous dog, that article offers some good tips.

But, dog bites and attacks aren’t limited to encounters with strays. They can also happen when you’re on someone’s property, at the park, or even when a dog is on a leash. It’s important to gain a dog owner’s permission to play with or pet the dog before doing so. A good dog owner will know whether or not the dog poses any harm to you, and will rightfully give you permission or tell you that it’s not a good idea.

Parents, that’s a good lesson to teach your children – don’t play with or pet a dog without the dog owner’s permission. Most children love puppies and dogs and will blindly go play with them. Some dogs aren’t good around children and might freak out and attack the them. Teach your children this lesson to avoid a situation like this.

If you’re injured in a dog attack by someone else’s dog, you should speak to an experience dog bite attorney.

An experienced dog bite attorney will look at your case detail by detail, find who was liable and whether or not compensation should be awarded. You shouldn’t be held liable for your medical bills – you should be compensated for that as well as pain, suffering and more.

You need an attorney you can trust and one who’ll fight to get you the compensation you deserve while walking and talking you through every step of the process.

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