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Abandoned Homes in Memphis – There Are Better Options

Memphis bankruptcy lawyer Darrell Castle discusses the problem of abandoned homes in Memphis and what the homeowners need to do to give up the house permanently or save it from foreclosure. Read More

A Shocking Drunk Driving Reality | Memphis Car Accident Attorneys

The dangers of drunk driving Did you know one-third of all roadway deaths are due to drunk driving? Overall, traffic fatalities have been decreasing to record lows with cars becoming more and more safe through the years. However, those fatality numbers could continue to decrease if drivers start practicing accountability. Read More

A Secret Cause of Car Accidents in Memphis

As car accident attorneys in Memphis, we see crashes happen all the time that could have been prevented if the driver had just been focused. Read More

A Local Beat Down Shows What Can Happen When You Let the Stresses of Debt Take Over

By: Darrell Castle Debt can put a lot of stress on a person, and if the problem is left unsettled, bad things can happen. A story surfaced in the Memphis news this week when a local man posted a video on Facebook of a panhandler getting beaten up. Read More

A Fireworks Lesson From A NFL Star

By: Darrell Castle Fireworks are illegal within the Memphis city limits, but I still heard neighbors shooting them off the entire 4th of July holiday weekend. They’re fun and it’s a celebration — I get it. But often, fireworks are being ignited without any regard for personal safety. Read More

A Devastating Way to Cover Medical Debt

As medical care becomes harder and harder to afford, some doctors are encouraging patients to use credit cards. But these aren’t just any credit cards – these are medical credit cards. Read More

A Dangerous Object Causing the Spread of Ovarian and Uterine Cancer | Memphis Dangerous Drug Law

Cancer and power morcellation By: Darrell Castle If you or someone you know have used power morcellation and then been diagnosed with cancer, please call us today at (901) 327-1212 or fill out one of the contact forms on this page. Our dangerous drug attorneys would love to help you get the compensation you deserve. …

A Creditor Has Taken Me to Court Over Credit Cards. What Are My Options?

FAQ: A Creditor Has Taken Me to Court Over Credit Cards. What Are My Options? Answer: There’s been a lot of news out lately about the improper tactics creditors are using to take debtors to court, including charging them with more debt than they owe and using the consumer’s inability to pay an attorney to…

A Christmas Message From Darrell

A Baby Was Hurt in a Fireworks Accident | Personal Injury Attorneys in Memphis

What can happen when you don’t practice proper fireworks safety By: Darrell Castle Last Thursday, I wrote a blog post on fireworks safety leading up to Friday’s July 4th celebrations. In the post, I mentioned how dangerous fireworks can become when operated with a certain degree of negligence. A family in Ohio caught the wrath…