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Applying for SSDI and Ticket to Work

Applying for SSDI and Ticket to Work

If you’re applying for SSDI and Ticket to Work comes up, you should know what the person means. Applying for SSDI and Ticket to Work: The Basics Ticket to Work is a small program right now that could become bigger in coming years. It offers a ticket, or voucher, to people with limited disabilities to…

How Could Baby Powder Cause Ovarian Cancer?!

How could baby powder cause ovarian cancer? Q: I read on your website that Johnson & Johnson baby powder is dangerous, but people have been using this stuff for years! If it was so bad, I feel like we would have heard about this a long time ago. Read More

enjoying retirement

Financial Help for Seniors

If you’re struggling with debt as a senior citizen, you may have specific questions or concerns. Financial help for seniors requires unique experience and support, because our income, debt, and expenses change as we get older. Read More

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

5 Examples of When Someone Might File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Wrongful death refers to a type of civil case in which a family member asks for compensation after a loved one is killed. It covers a broad range of accidents. Here are 5 examples of when someone might file a wrongful death lawsuit: Read More

Car Repossession and Personal Property

Car Repossession and Personal Property

Can the Repo Man Take What’s Inside Your Car? If your car gets repossessed with your personal property still in it, what options do you have? What if the repo agent takes your laptop, or car seat, or cell phone by accident? Here’s what you need to know about car repossession and personal property: Read…

The Problem with Caps on Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

How Healthcare Reform Could Affect Your Right to a Trial by Jury Some legislators have recently proposed caps on medical malpractice lawsuits. This means limiting the case to a certain dollar amount. Supporters say this would cut down on “frivolous” cases, which they claim keep healthcare costs high. Read More

Bankruptcy for Millennials

Bankruptcy for Millennials

5 Tips for Filing Bankruptcy When You’re Still Young It may feel lonely and a little upsetting to consider filing bankruptcy when you’re still young. And yet with rising education costs, a difficult job market, and skyrocketing housing markets, bankruptcy has become a common tool for young people. So I’ve put together some tips on bankruptcy…

3 Ways the New Administration Might Affect Your Disability Application

What You Need to Know About SSDI Under a Trump Presidency With a new president in place, some experts in Social Security believe disability funding might change. But would those changes affect your disability application? Read More

Bankruptcy in Memphis

How to Declare Bankruptcy in Memphis

If you’re worried about debt and need a way out, you may have thought about bankruptcy. But “bankruptcy” is a scary word, and a lot of people do everything they can to avoid it – even when it might actually be the best option. Bankruptcy offers a lot of advantages, and we’re here to help you figure…

St. Patrick's Day

DUI Car Accident Safety on St. Patrick’s Day

Driving Safely Around Unsafe Drivers in Memphis With St. Patrick’s Day almost here, we need to talk DUI car accident safety. St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so many partygoers will share the street with commuters and families. In Tennessee, state authorities estimate 40% of car accidents over the weekend will be DUIs. Read…