Best Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN Best Car Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

The best car accident lawyer Memphis TN offers is well aware of the life altering impact that a car accident can have on a victim. Experiencing pain, financial loss and significant injuries, can be incredibly frustrating, especially when the accident was at the hands of a negligent driver. As an accident victim, it is key that you do not delay in contacting Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLP for the assistance you need to obtain the damages you are entitled to. It’s only common for you to have a number of questions, we have taken the liberty of providing you with the answers you are in search of:

Should I make sure that police are called to the scene of the accident?

Yes, if you are able. It’s key to make sure that you contact law enforcement when you are in an accident. The best car accident attorneys in Memphis TN recommend that you contact the police for a variety of reasons. If you were the victim, having law enforcement arrive at the scene can ensure that an investigation into the accident occurs. Additionally, law enforcement will produce a police report outlining the details surrounding the accident. This has the ability to provide you with key evidence for your car accident claim. 

Is it necessary to seek medical care even if I do not believe that I have been injured?

Yes. Although you may believe that you have been lucky enough to walk away without any injuries, it’s important that you at least endure a medical examination to ensure that you do not have any underlying injuries that you may be unaware of. The best car accident attorneys from Memphis TN have seen victims succumb to injuries down the road, which have the ability to produce disastrous outcomes. Not only does medical care help to identify injuries that may be life threatening, obtaining medical treatment can also provide you with key evidence to help prove your car accident claim.  

What type of evidence do I need to prove my car accident case?

Proving your case will take the assistance of a lawyer you can trust like the best lawyer in Memphis TN, Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLP. While we have the ability to assist in gathering the necessary evidence to prove your case, we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible. Evidence that may help in proving your car accident case may include: 

  • Medical Documentation
  • Medical Bills
  • Police Reports
  • Statements from Witnesses
  • Photographs or Videos of the Accident, and Your Injuries
  • Your Account of the Accident

Should I speak with the defendant’s insurance company if they contact me?

No. Although speaking with the defendant’s insurance company may seem harmless, this could be incredibly damaging to your accident case. You may inadvertently say something that has an impact on your accident claim. This makes it essential that you work with the best car accident lawyer in Memphis TN to not only safeguard your claim, but negotiate a settlement in your favor. 

As an accident victim, it’s only natural that you will be experiencing a variety of questions in the wake of your accident. When the accident was the result of a negligent driver, it’s important that you take legal action as soon as possible. This is where the best car accident lawyer in Memphis TN can step in to take the lead in obtaining the compensation that you deserve. Time is of the essence, if you have been injured, chances are the clock has started ticking on the statute of limitations. Allow for Darrell Castle & Associates, PLLP to provide you with representation by taking action in the most timely way possible. We are eager to help you, contact the best car accident lawyer available in Memphis TN today to schedule a consultation.