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When Injured in a Memphis Car Accident, Can You Be Compensated for Pain & Suffering?

By: Darrell Castle Pain and suffering is one of the many determining factors in how much compensation you’ll receive when you’re injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault. Read More

Memphis is Taking Steps to Keep Bicyclists and Pedestrians Safe | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

Memphis is becoming safer for cyclists and pedestrians By: Darrell Castle After being blocked to traffic for the past two weeks, Riverside Drive in Downtown Memphis will reopen on Friday. However, the street will now have two less lanes for motorists and a new protected bike lane. Read More

How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth in Memphis?

By: Darrell Castle The value of your personal injury case really depends on one thing. What’s the extent of the damages suffered? So really, the more the injury affected you, the more money you could be entitled to. Personal injury cases are designed to help you – the injured person. The person or company that’s…

Memphis Police Officer Hit By Car | Memphis Personal Injury Attorneys

According to a News Channel 5 report, a Memphis police officer was hit by a car in a Downtown parking garage located at the Washington Ave and North 4th St intersection. Though the officer was sent to the hospital, he was listed in non-critical condition. Read More

Memphis School Bus Driver Cited in Car Accident and Children Sent to Hospital

These past two days haven’t been ideal for children on the roadways. This morning, we talked about a reckless car accident in Whitehaven that happened lastnight, landing eight children in the hospital – some in critical condition. And then today news broke of a bus crash with students on board. Read More

Mid-South Area Storm and Personal Injury

Mid-South Area Storm and Personal Injury

Hopefully you and your loved ones are safe after yesterday’s storm. With all the severe weather we’ve been having in the Mid-South, we want to point out a couple of ways in which our firm might be able to help you deal with the damages. Read More

My Thoughts on the GM Recall

According to a report, federal safety officials ordered General Motors to provide information explaining why it took so long to recall 1.37 million cars in the US for a faulty ignition switch. The faulty ignition switch had the potential to shut off the engine and disable safety systems, like the air bag. Read More

New Cars and Recalls: Did Your Dealership Fool You?

By: Darrell Castle Recently an undercover story from ABC News uncovered a New Jersey dealership selling a vehicle without fixing an open recall that allowed the vehicle to roll away while in neutral. It is currently against federal law for a dealership to sell a vehicle with a potential safety defect — including those under…

Notifiying Your Landlord About Unsafe Property – Memphis Premises Liability Lawyer

What should you do if your rental property is unsafe? In this video, Memphis premises liability attorney Darrell Castle gives some tips for dealing with your landlord when there’s a safety risk on the property. Read More

PI Short: TVA Liable for Ash Spill

A judge recently found TVA liable for the massive coal ash spill that devastated the Kingston area of Roane County, Tennessee, in 2008. The spill flooded Kingston and its nearby Emory River with 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal sludge right before Christmas. Along with other property, it destroyed entire homes and covered over 5…