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Knee Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

While some may consider slips and falls slapstick humor, they can be very dangerous and have serious consequences to those who suffer them. Back and joint related injuries are common consequences of slips and falls that can have lasting effects on the injured person. Read More

Memphis Foreclosure Attorney for Seniors

Foreclosure can devastate anyone, but it brings especially difficult challenges for senior citizens. As a Memphis foreclosure attorney for seniors, I’ve helped thousands of people stop foreclosure at every stage of life. Read More

How Bankruptcy Helps

Bankruptcy scares a lot of people, but if you’re overwhelmed with debt, it can change your life. Bankruptcy has a lot to offer: it stops foreclosure and repossession, ends wage garnishment, and gets rid of debt. But maybe most importantly, it offers you real financial freedom. Here’s how bankruptcy helps, depending on your situation and which…

How Age Affects Disability Applications

How Age Affects Disability Applications Your age can be a factor when applying for Social Security Disability. According to the SSA, age alone won’t determine your success or failure. But it does hold a lot of sway. Here’s how age affects disability applications: Read More

Elder Abuse Law

Feds Take on Nursing Home Abuses

States usually control their own nursing home systems. But lately the federal government has taken on nursing home abuses. And while the process does help hold these homes accountable, it may not always punish them enough. Read More


Testimonial About Our Memphis Bankruptcy Team

In this video, one of our clients describes her experience with Darrell Castle & Associates and why she would recommend our Memphis bankruptcy team to family and friends. This is the extended version of the testimonials from one of our recent TV ads. Read More

First Responders Save Children

First Responders Save Children After Car Crashes Into Day Care

When a Car Crashes Into a Building As a Memphis car accident lawyer, I often talk about what to do when a car crashes into another car. But what if the car crashes into a building? Read More

Memphis Evictions Don’t Benefit Residents

Foreclosures have recently riddled the city of Memphis. However, banks not foreclosing can hurt the city, too. Some financial institutions choose not to foreclose on homes at all. Instead they evict the residents and then leave the houses as-is. These Memphis evictions hurt the poorest among us and hurt our city in general. Read More

Elder Abuse Law

Emotional Symptoms of Elder Abuse

Emotional Symptoms of Elder Abuse As a Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer, I’ve seen emotional abuse lead to physical abuse. Some people might think emotional abuse is invisible, but certain symptoms help us notice when something goes wrong. So here are some important emotional symptoms of elder abuse: Read More

3 Dog Bite Injury Statistics That Families Need to Know

Dog bite injury statistics can show us a lot about how our culture treats dangerous dogs and their victims. They help tell us how to prevent tragic attacks and what to do when one happens. Here are 3 statistics I’ve seen in my work as a Memphis dog bite attorney that could help families stay safe: Read…