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How Disability Affects Your Taxes | SSDI and Taxes

As a disability attorney Memphis TN trusts to help them get benefits, I know tax season can be a stressful time. Fortunately I have some answers for your most common questions about SSDI and taxes: Read More

Darrell Castle Named One of Top 3 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Memphis, TN

Darrell Castle Named One of Top 3 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Memphis, TN We at Darrell Castle & Associates are so proud to be named one of the Top 3 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Memphis TN! Read More

Is Marijuana to Blame for Higher Car Accident Death Tolls?

New Research Suggests Cannabis May Cause Problems on the Road A study out of Canada that looked at 25 years of fatal crashes in the United States may have found a connection to marijuana consumption. Read More

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This One Credit Score Secret Has Helped Thousands of People

When Your Credit Score Tanks Some people with a low credit score assume the only way to improve it is to pay off all the debt. But what can you do if that’s impossible? Read More

Difference between a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In every bankruptcy consultation, law firm gives, they are asked to evaluate whether a bankruptcy is appropriate based on the client’s particular circumstances. And if so, which type of bankruptcy should be filed. Bankruptcy Law is filled with legalese which may not be too clear to a non-attorney. Words such as trustee, liquidation, contest, exempt…

What is a compulsory medical examination?

A compulsory medical examination, “CME” for short, is a medical examination conducted by a doctor to verify the claimed injuries of a person who is involved  in a lawsuit. The purpose of a CME is to evaluate whether the injured person is telling the truth about the nature and extent of her injuries. CME’s are…

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Make Sure Your Memphis Car Wreck Attorney Can Help with Stress

As a Memphis car wreck attorney, I’ve sat with hundreds of clients as they describe their accidents. These are terrible and frustrating experiences for everyone. Sadly for some, it might even be the worst day of your life. Read More

Medical malpractice claims can affect divorce and family law matters

Medical malpractice claims are made against physicians for all kinds of issues arising out of patient care and medical practice. A misdiagnosis or medical mistake can lead to serious consequences when the physician is involved in a divorce or family law matter. Read More

How to Use Your Tax Refund to File Bankruptcy

Did you set a New Year’s goal to get control of your finances? This time of year, a lot of people decide to get out of debt once and for all. I love it! As a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer, I support anyone who wants to crawl out from under their debt. But I also know…

The Alarming Rise of the Fatigued Trucker

A recent USA Today investigation into port trucking companies in the Los Angeles area has uncovered some sobering information about the increase of fatigued truck drivers on the road. The news agency found that impaired drivers are put on the road daily, with trucking companies pressuring them to work on barely any sleep and in…