As a bankruptcy attorney in Memphis TN, my goal is to lift the heavy burden of debt and help people start on the path to a new life. Sometimes I encounter hurdles that interfere with that goal and keep me from helping my clients. More often than not, those hurdles are misconceptions — about bankruptcy and how it affects your life.

One of the most common misconceptions? “I heard I can get fired if I file for bankruptcy.”

Let me tell you why you shouldn’t worry about that. First and foremost, firing someone for filing for bankruptcy is against the law. So is withholding a promotion or a raise, or demoting you. Of course, there are instances when people break the law. But even if someone illegally fires you for filing for bankruptcy, we can go after them to recover the money.

Telling Your Employer About Filing for Bankruptcy in the Past

Unless your wages are being garnished, your employer may not even need to know about your bankruptcy. But if you’re applying for a new job and worried about potential discrimination, my advice, as a bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, TN, is to be upfront. There’s a good chance they’ll understand — they may have even filed for bankruptcy themselves or know someone who has.

But no matter the circumstances, it is in an employer’s best interest to have employees who are not struggling with debt. I often remind my clients that breaking free from debt makes you a better parent, a better spouse, and a better friend. If you’re concerned about the impact bankruptcy might have with your work relationships, let me remind you that it makes you a better employee, too.

For more information about how bankruptcy affects the workplace, watch my short video to hear why you have nothing to worry about.

Get Help in Hard Times From a Bankruptcy Attorney in Memphis, TN

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