Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most important things to come out of your personal injury car accident case is your settlement. Not only is it your anticipated compensation for having experienced the accident, it is also your means to pay your outstanding medical bills, liens and other related debts that will impact your finances. Most people think that peace of mind regarding the payment of these bills and invoices is granted, but as a personal injury lawyer supports, that is not always the case. There is a great deal of work on your lawyer’s part as well as the client to achieve the ideal settlement that will pay your outstanding case related debt while putting money back into your pocket. Below here are some tips you can partake in to increase the amount of your settlement and get the compensation you deserve.

Get medical attention immediately: The battle for your settlement begins before the case even starts. After the event of an accident, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately. The opposing party will try to disprove your claim and they can do so by saying, “well they didn’t seek immediate medical attention so their injury obviously wasn’t that great if they themselves didn’t see it that way.” This said, actions speak louder than words. In order to prove that your settlement needs to be greater, your actions must show that you are deserving of it and that can be done by first and foremost by getting medical attention, even if you think your injury is minor.

Tell your lawyer all of your damages: In law damages refers to both your actual physical damages, financial damages, and to an extent your emotional damages. Like trying to fend off a wild animal, if you make yourself look big you can scare it off. The same approach is used when making your claim, in order to prove to insurance adjusters that you deserve a certain amount of money back, your damages must reflect that and that can only be accomplished by you being honest and comprehensive with your lawyer when expressing the extent of your injuries.

Don’t take the first offer: A tactic that the opposing party always does (because it works) is giving a ludicrously low first settlement offer. Most clients will look at it and think it’s a lot of money and take it, not knowing that their settlement could be a lot larger which is why this tactic is performed. It’s better to let your lawyer continue the negotiation in order to get a much sizable offer that will much better financially secure you while putting a much more decent amount into your pocket.

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