commercial litigation attorney ConnecticutRunning a business or organization takes a lot of time, money, and patience. Unfortunately, many complications can happen along the way, especially if you’re managing employees. As such, legal disputes are bound to happen, and when they do, you want to ensure you’re ready by having a professional legal team. We’ll explore five situations that may call for a commercial litigation attorney. 

  1. Discrimination 

Discrimination can happen in the workplace at any time and can take many forms. While many companies and businesses take great measures to prevent discrimination, it can still occur, and a business can get sued. Even if you yourself didn’t discriminate against an employee or a potential employee, a person in power within your company may have, and you either weren’t properly informed or didn’t take the right actions. 

  1. Contract Disputes

A leading cause of needing a lawyer for commercial litigation stems from contract disputes. Unfortunately, contracts can sometimes take a lot of work to draft and prepare adequately. In addition, minor problems like terms not being accurately defined or a warrant being open to interpretation can cause problems. Whether dealing with a customer, employee, vendor, or another party, it’s vital that all parties accurately comprehend a contract. However, even an ironclad contract can cause disputes, and sometimes to clear the confusion and prevent legal problems, you need an attorney on your side. 

  1. Copyright Infringement

In today’s business world, completely reinventing the wheel can be nearly impossible. Issues like logos looking too similar or names being similar happen frequently, and a business may try to sue another one. Additionally, a business may intentionally or unintentionally borrow another company’s intellectual property, brand, slogan, etc. Sometimes these issues can be lapses of judgments or complete coincidences. Regardless, the court systems can’t think like you and truly know your intentions beyond you describing them. As such, you may need an attorney to represent you. 

  1. Accidents 

Accidents can happen at your business or workplace, even if the nature of your job is relatively safe. For example, a vendor or customer falling on a wet floor that didn’t have a wet floor sign can prompt them to sue your company. Premises liability cases can take a lot of time and money to resolve, and a minor slip and fall can end up costing you. An attorney can help resolve things by getting the case dismissed or helping lower a settlement you’ll need to pay. 

  1. Disputed Wages

A company must understand labor laws pertaining to its area and specific industry. Understanding these can quickly avoid friction between you and your workers and even lead to legal battles. For example, many employees need to be paid overtime when they end up working 40 hours or more. It’s also critical to stay updated with the laws as they can change yearly. Of course, knowing the latest laws can be an ongoing battle when you’re already busy running a business. Having a commercial litigation attorney you can call makes things easier—a fact our friends at Eric Lindh Foster Law, LLC agree with.