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Follow these steps to improve your credit

Here at Darrell Castle & Associates, our experienced Memphis bankruptcy attorneys not only want to help you get out of debt by filing for bankruptcy, but we also want to help you recover from it, which means improving your credit.

We offer you a great 14 week program called “7 Steps to a 720” that will help you by teaching the secrets the banks don’t want you to know in regards to re-establishing and rebuilding your credit the right way.

Likewise, ABC News has offered its six steps for improving your credit score and credit card debt so they won’t be an embarrassment.

To reduce your credit card debt:

  1. Negotiate your rate – it doesn’t hurt to just ask sometimes.
  2. Use your savings to pay debt – many people have both a savings account and credit card debt. You can use your savings, which draws less than 1% interest, to pay off the cards that are charging an average of 15.61% interest.
  3. Pay the highest interest cards first – get out from under the most expensive credit card.

It is critical to discuss the timing of your bankruptcy with bankruptcy lawyers Memphis, TN respects so that you can minimize negative impacts to the process.


To raise your credit score


  1. Pay – and pay on time
  2. Move your money around – one thing that can ding your credit report is to have a credit card nearly maxed out. So, if you have multiple credit cards, move that debt around
  3. Ask creditors to delete one-time mistakes – If you’re typically responsible, but slipped up one time, the bank may give you a freebie.

These steps were formed in response to a National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey revealing more people are embarrassed by their credit card debt than their age or weight. (It’s important to note the survey was placed on the website’s homepage, so people going to it were already searching for answers on their credit card debt).

Here’s how pollers responded to what embarrassed them the most out of these six options –

1. Credit card debt – 37%
2. Credit score – 30%
3. Bank balance – 10%
4. None of the above – 9%
5. Weight – 2%
6. Age – 1%

Are you embarrassed by your credit card debt? Has it put you in a position of financial distress? If so, I urge you to consider filing for bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, with the right attitude and spending habit changes, you can come out of the process better than you went in.

If you have any questions or if you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you can speak to us, free of charge, by filling out the “Get in Touch” form below or by calling us at (901) 327-2100.