Cancer and power morcellation

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Darrell Castle. I’m an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee and on this video I’m talking about cancer – ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and cancers of that type.

Now, why would I be talking about cancer in this video? Well, because sometimes, according to the FDA’s recent warning on April 17th that said certain devices called power morcellators, may cause the spread of these types of cancers.

A power morcellator is a device that’s used by a surgeon – it’s a laproscopic device – that allows the surgeon to make a small hole in the woman’s body that saves her the pain and the large appearance problems that a large surgery would cause.

Through that small hole, he can remove fibroid tissues. Sometimes, these tissues are benign (usually they are, in fact). 20% of women have benign fibroids in their bodies and sometimes they become a problem so the doctor will want to remove them surgically.

He has many options. The power morcellator is just one surgical option. He can even remove the entire uterus through that tiny hole if he chooses to do that.

Well, sometimes these power morcellators in that type of surgery cause the spread of cancer. They spared outside the uterus and sometimes that cancer can even become fatal.

This is what the FDA has warned about. Several companies have stopped using and selling these devices as the FDA has asked them to do.

What about you? Perhaps you’ve had this type of surgery. Perhaps you have a recent cancer that occurred after the surgery.

Well you should get in touch with someone about that – the sooner the better because you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and other damages.