You may have heard of nursing home abuse and neglect, or elder abuse and neglect. Whether it comes in the form of preventable bedsores, dangerous sleeping arrangements, physical assault, or something else, poor treatment in elder care facilities is serious. Our personal injury attorneys have worked with victims of nursing home abuse and neglect, and seeing what they and their families have gone through saddens and angers us.

Recently the New York Times reported on a crisis happening in the state’s homes for developmentally disabled patients. While the cases it discusses are certainly extreme, the article brings to light another whole area of people who might be victims of abuse and neglect.

Abuse can happen in hospitals, homes for challenged or disabled people, day care facilities, or any other place where someone you love is placed in another person’s care. It doesn’t matter if it’s a state program or private, low-cost or the most expensive.

Our elder abuse lawyer Memphis, TN trusts knows that discovering your elderly loved one has been neglected or abused in the facility that should have been taking care of them can be devastating.

Many people who are hurt in these cases are unable to communicate the details of their abuse. It is important for their families and friends to look for warning signs of poor care and to take them seriously when they happen.

If you see signs of abuse or neglect, talk with the victim whenever possible and let the administrators know your concerns. Perhaps you can move your loved one to another place where the patient might feel safer and more comfortable. In some cases it is even appropriate to contact law enforcement.

But no matter the situation, or firm is available to help you. If you have questions about abuse or neglect in any kind of care-giving facility, or if you want to know your legal options moving forward, let us know. There’s no cost to talk with our attorneys.