Despite all the efforts from politicians, non-profits, and medical professionals, the cost of health care in the United States continues to rise. Many Americans face extremely high monthly insurance premiums and skyrocketing co-pays, and quality care can seem impossible.

Even in today’s workforce, where jobs can be scarce and the search can take years, 57% of Americans would decline a job if it didn’t offer health benefits. 2/3 of adults say all the other office perks can’t make up for the value of employer-sponsored health benefits.

And did you know…

  • healthcare is the number one cause of personal bankruptcy
  • medical debt is responsible for more collections than credit cards
  • around 40% of Americans owe collectors money for costs related to illness
  • Americans pay 3x more for medical debt than they do for bank and credit-card debt combined
  • In 2014, medical debt collectors gathered $21 billion from Americans*
  • And after over a year with the Affordable Care Act, medical debt doesn’t appear to be declining