personal injury attorneys memphis Avoiding Fireworks Injury This 4th of July

A good time with friends and family can turn sour with one fireworks mishap. Shooting off these contraptions and experiencing the beautiful lights can be wonderful entertainment. However, with a certain degree of negligence, these fireworks can become very dangerous.

Here are some important rules for fireworks safety:

  • If you want to stay really safe, go to a professional fireworks show instead of DIY fireworks.
  • Avoid public places, trees, and overgrown yards.
  • Have one experienced person in charge of the fireworks.
  • Stay within your community’s designated fireworks hours.
  • Consider glow sticks instead of sparklers.
  • Only buy fireworks if you’re over 18.
  • Keep buckets of water nearby.
  • Put all pets inside.
  • Never approach a firework if it doesn’t go off as you expected.

If you get injured by fireworks this holiday weekend, seek medical attention first. Then, if the injury wasn’t your fault or you’re not sure whose fault it was, you should speak to an experienced Memphis personal injury attorney who can help determine liability and whether compensation for damages can be recovered.

Some fireworks injuries can be simple scratches or bruises, but some can be pretty serious, like:

  • temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • temporary or permanent loss of sight
  • shock
  • burns
  • smoke inhalation
  • loss of limb
  • and more

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