Self-Repossessing Cars: What You Need to Know

If you’re trying to avoid repo in Memphis, self-possessing cars might make it a lot harder.

This technology could completely change the industry. Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your car just yet.

Here’s how self-repossessing cars work, what they get wrong, and how to avoid repossession the safe way.

Cars That Can Drive Themselves Away

Recently, Ford applied to patent a self-repossessing car that can drive itself away if you don’t pay.

First, according to the patent, the company could turn off certain parts of the car as needed, including the engine and AC. (Anyone in Memphis knows during the summer that’s the same as making it un-drivable.) The technology also allows them to lock you out of the car for non-payment.

Eventually, they could hack the system to move the car where they want it, including:

  • an easier location to tow
  • the car lot
  • a creditor’s agency
  • the junk yard if they no longer want the car

While this technology is still in development, Ford is considering putting it in all their new vehicles. And it brings up some serious safety concerns.

The Dangers of Self-Repossessing Cars

First, who is liable when self-repossession goes wrong? Self-driving cars are a new technology that’s already led to accidents. Who is responsible when a remote car registered under your name gets in a crash?

In addition, there’s a real possibility of fear or violence if owner doesn’t understand what’s happening. If your car is gone in the morning, even after a missed payment, how do you know whether it was the creditor or theft?

Then, there’s major technical questions. What happens if you tie the car to a tree or house? What happens if you simply park it in a garage?

And lastly, who would want a car that can be hacked to drive itself away? Who would want a company to decide whether you have AC on the road? If you need the car for work or to get your children to daycare, someone hacking your car from a distance could take away the very income you need to pay your car payment.

How NOT to Avoid Repo

People often try to avoid repossession in creative ways, including:

  • Hiding your car
  • Loan modification or negotiation
  • Anger/outbursts
  • Doing nothing

First, it typically doesn’t work to hide your car. Not only is it illegal to avoid repossession this way—it can be struck down by the courts so you’re forced to give up the car anyway.

Next, sometimes loan modification or negotiating with the creditor can help—there’s no harm in trying—but it isn’t legally binding. You may find yourself back at square one, if they even negotiate with you in the first place.

Then there’s violence. Unfortunately, some people do become angry or even violent over repossession. Not only does this not stop the process; it leads to criminal charges and can ruin someone’s life. But it’s important to note that this problem shows how important our cars are to our work, families, and sense of security.

Lastly, you could do nothing. This is the easiest and most predictable option. They’ll take your car, and that will be that.

How to Avoid Repo in Memphis the Safe and Legal Way

If you want to avoid repo in Memphis, there’s only one surefire option that’s backed by the courts.

Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you stop repossession, foreclosure, and wage garnishment. We know how important your car can be to your life, and so we work tirelessly to save it and get you a fresh start.

What’s more, we offer a free consultation and free reports to help you. And we treat you with kindness and respect through the whole process. It’s why we’ve received multiple awards for client satisfaction.

Don’t try cheap tricks to avoid repossession. Let us help you get back on the right track.

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