Just this past week, two huge companies declared bankruptcy: American Apparel and City Sports. In both cases, they did what companies all over America do every day: they used the law to protect their assets and keep business going. 

That’s what bankruptcy is designed to do. It’s a tool meant to help organizations and individuals get out of debt and not crumble under the system. 

But sometimes we’re quicker to forgive corporations than we are people.

As a bankruptcy attorney in Memphis, every day I meet people who probably need a bankruptcy but who feel horrible about it. The morality of bankruptcy interested me so much, in fact, that I wrote a free report about it from a religious perspective: What Does the Bible Say About Debt? 

But in general, I say this: bankruptcy is a tool designed by the courts to help you. For many people who are struggling, it’s one of those rare examples when the law is on your side. 

As I mention in the video below, when these large companies declare bankruptcy, they often take a lot of smaller companies with them. And that means a lot of workers affected – people who don’t have the power of a big corporation to help them figure out the law and protect them. 

If you’re struggling with debt you can’t pay, you have a way out. Please contact me today to talk about your situation for free.