The deep stigma attached to bankruptcy makes filing seem like an admission of failure. For that reason, many people avoid it for far too long. The thing is, there’s no reason to be ashamed, especially not now, when millions of Americans have had their finances turned upside down practically overnight.

As a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer, I’m here to say that bankruptcy doesn’t have to be a last resort. In fact, it shouldn’t be—there can be serious consequences if you wait too long.

So, why wait? You owe it to yourself and to your family to take steps towards a better life, a brighter future, today.

Waiting almost always costs you in the long run.

Many people don’t just sit around idly, waiting for things to get worse. They often try to take control of their finances first. But that almost always backfires.

Desperate for any way to avoid bankruptcy, they try to sell precious belongings as a first step. This is a shame, because at some point in the future, they inevitably accept that they have to file for bankruptcy. By then, however, they’ve already lost the very property that bankruptcy could help them keep.

Sometimes delaying comes at a very literal cost.

When you take interest and fees into account, you’re just racking up more debt by waiting. Period. Filing now will save you thousands of dollars.

But shouldn’t I wait for things to get better?

Many of my clients did not wait for things to get worse. Rather, they assumed that things would get better. That a new dream job was just around the corner, or that they’d come into money sooner or later. Sure, sometimes that happens, but it’s rare. Financial trouble has a snowball effect. If you’re already struggling, if you’re already even asking these questions to begin with, the truth is that it’s probably time to make a change.

There’s no judgment to be found.

No bankruptcy lawyer would have a successful career without compassion and competence in equal measure. When you come into our office, you’ll quickly find that we’re not here to cast judgment on where you’ve been. We’re here to help you get to where you’d like to go.

At our firm, we do not consider financial trouble to be a sign of moral failure or an indication of recklessness.

You have nothing to lose by contacting a Memphis bankruptcy lawyer.

Let’s say your luck does change. Say you do get that job, or you get support from a family member in some shape or form. You still have absolutely nothing to lose by exploring your options now. Regardless of which approach you decide to take, you can’t do anything without knowledge. Knowledge is power. And our team of experienced and compassionate Memphis bankruptcy lawyers are here to give you that knowledge.

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