Cargill Meat Solutions has recalled nearly 30,000 pounds of beef because of risks for salmonella. The beef, which sold mostly in the Northeast region of the US, is no longer available for sale; but it may still be in some consumers’ freezers.

Food products are recalled all the time for a variety reasons. Some of the most common include:

    • bacterial risks, such as salmonella
    • particles of inedible material, like metals
    • undeclared products in the food, like nuts, that could cause serious allergic reactions
    • other labeling errors, such as incorrect expiration dates

There’s no perfect way to prevent bringing unsafe food into your home, but here are some tips that could help:

    • Shop for organic and unprocessed foods when possible.
    • Wash all fruits and veggies before consuming them.
    • Keep the kitchen clean, especially when working with raw meat and eggs.
    • Store food appropriately.
    • Throw out expired meats. Also, don’t taste them to make sure they’ve gone bad.
    • Keep updated on the latest recalls.

That last point can be harder than it sounds. There are multiple government websites to alert consumers about recalls, and they don’t always contain the same information. These include: FSIS Recalls page, FDA Recalls, and

Plus, even when you stay as informed as possible, it won’t protect you from poorly prepared restaurant food or unsafe storage procedures at the grocery store.

Anyone who has eaten the unsafe beef from Cargill and become sick from salmonella could be entitled to compensation. The same is true for you and your family any time you get injured or become ill from food poisoning that wasn’t your fault.

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