We’ve been touching on big truck accidents frequently lately, and for good reason.

When you combine the weight of the actual truck, plus the weight of the load the truck is carrying and then you add the high-speeds the truck is traveling, big trucks (aka semis or tractor trailers) can be a vehicle of death just waiting for trouble.

This is why big truck drivers have to be very alert – probably even more so than drivers of ordinary vehicles. These trucks are, well, big and they’re also very slow to stop. If the driver is irresponsible for even a second, disaster can strike.

That was the case in Fontana, California recently when the driver of a semi-truck ran a red light and struck two vehicles. Two people suffered minor injuries but one driver died on impact.

Though logistical necessities, these big trucks are very dangerous and the drivers need to remain in tip-top shape.

The Federal Highways Safety Administration lays out rules and guidelines demanding how many hours big truck drivers can drive before they’re required to get some sleep. Often times however, these rules aren’t followed through.

If any of the victims above, or their family members, came into my office detailing this case, I would absolutely fight to help them receive compensation for damages.

What would I, or any other lawyer, need to prove? As in any automobile accident case – negligence.

There can be two approaches for negligence – was the driver at fault or was the trucking company at fault?

The trucking company can be at fault by not maintaining the truck properly which you would have to prove led to the accident.

However, in the situation above, it seems as though the driver was negligent as he ran a red light which led to the accident.

Either situation would involve a period of investigation and that’s a long and draining process. That’s why an experienced attorney is a good idea.

If you’ve been a victim of a big truck accident that’s left you injured, or you’ve lost a family member due to a big truck accident, you’ve already been through too much. As a law firm with a truck accident lawyer Memphis, TN residents turn to after a crash, many families have been helped to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. Let the experienced Memphis personal injury attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates help alleviate some of that suffering.

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