Wrongful death refers to a type of civil case in which a family member asks for compensation after a loved one is killed. It covers a broad range of accidents. Here are 5 examples of when someone might file a wrongful death lawsuit:

1. Civil justice when criminal justice doesn’t come through

The family of Nicole Brown famously sued OJ Simpson in a wrongful death suit and won. Civil law doesn’t require as high a burden of proof as criminal law. The family lost in criminal court, but proved their case in civil court and received compensation.

Today, this type of wrongful death case might also include police brutality. Families of people who have died under police custody have successfully sued even when they weren’t able to get a criminal indictment.

2. Pharmaceutical deaths

Some drug companies infamously leave out important safety information or refuse to test their products enough. As a result, people have died. We’ve handled hundreds of cases against the pharmaceutical industry. Victims’ families have sued pharmaceutical companies over antidepressants that cause suicidal behavior, birth control that causes fatal strokes, and much more.

3. Lack of corporate oversight.

This category includes two different groups: employees and non-employees.

For the first group, wrongful death could include unsafe work environments, a lack of safety regulations, and dangerous corporate culture that led to fatal injury. For example, a factory that exposes its workers to deadly chemicals.

Non-employees might also file a wrongful death lawsuit against a corporation if the company’s bad policies led to faulty products. Companies can also overlook dangerous employee behavior, with tragic results.

4. Supervised activities that result in fatality.

If you ever go skydiving or indoor rock climbing, you may have to sign a waiver promising not to sue. These waivers aren’t always binding, but they show you knew the risks. However, if the company failed to inspect its harnesses and someone dies, they can still be held liable.

Other supervised activities could range from children’s camp to bartending. Bars aren’t allowed to serve anyone who is already over the legal limit, and some wrongful death cases attempt to hold the bar accountable when they break this rule.

5. Malpractice

Medical malpractice is considered its own area of personal injury law, but when it results in death, it can also be a wrongful death case.

Memphis Wrongful Death Attorney

If your loved one has died because of someone else’s mistake or neglect, you might want to consider a wrongful death suit. Our attorneys have successfully handled cases like all of the examples above. We have a compassionate, dedicated team that doesn’t get paid unless we win for you.

And perhaps most importantly, with our firm you’ll know your loved one has someone truly willing to fight for justice on their behalf.

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