The Temptation Toward Debt Settlement

As a wage garnishment lawyer Memphis TN trusts to help stop wage garnishment, I know the temptation of using debt settlement companies. Wage garnishment can take 25% of your wages. What’s worse, it comes with high fees, so you can wind up paying it back for far more than you actually owe.

Debt settlement offers an easy way out. It claims to negotiate a settlement with the creditors, which in theory allows you to pay some of your debt while they forgive the rest. If it goes as easily as that, I can see why it would be so attractive.

The Problems with Debt Settlement

But debt settlement has two very big problems:

1. It can take a long, long time.

2. It’s not enforceable by law.

I see it all the time in my bankruptcy firm. People trust the process will work for them, but then after many months of negotiations and frustrations, they’re still over their heads in debt and still face wage garnishment.

In addition, debt settlement firms often vilify bankruptcy as though it will destroy your life. In fact, bankruptcy is the only option that has the power of federal law to back it up. That means there are no more dawdling creditors and negotiations. It puts an immediate stop to repossession, foreclosure and yes, wage garnishment. It requires the creditors to comply.

A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Memphis TN Can Trust

If you’re facing bills you can’t pay and you need a way out, don’t make a decision without talking to me. Don’t lose more money to wage garnishment or waste more time with debt settlement. We work quickly and carefully for our clients, and we’ll do the same for you.

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